2007 supercharged tuning

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by onestout, Feb 14, 2020.

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    I personally use AED even to this day, car runs low 8's in the quarter and runs like a champ, they have been tuning the car since way back when I had the Saleen SC on it and it was a street car, with that being said, a number of people use Lito and I have only heard great things about his tunes, either way IMO you can't lose.

    The main thing you can do as the car owner is make 100% sure there is nothing wrong with the car, and do what the tuner is asking you to do. If they ask you to get larger injectors do, new plugs do it....... Some may not agree with me, but in order to have a great tune regardless of the who tunes the car, you need to work with them, not fight with them.
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    This right here...………………………….
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    Yes on all of the above. Had multiple tunes from JDM with the last one about 10 years ago and it's still running strong. Did all of this while in Germany. I've changed gears and tire sizes and have made the adjustments myself. Not sure about the timing though. Having said that, a Lito tune is on my to-do list just to have a different one, but I don't really need it.
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    Thanks for the information. I ask because when I bought my Roush SC from Brenspeed, it came with four tunes that had the user options turned on. I later purchased a GT500 fuel pump kit. The updated tune had the options locked out. It took quite a lot of discussion to get the tunes that had the user options turned on.
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    Onestout, I don’t recall you mentioning what supercharger system you are looking to install. I recommend you start with the tuner that packages the supercharger you purchase. Just may have the best idea of what the system is capable of with whatever add-ons you choose. By the way, Magnapacks are laud. Like a wide spot in the pipe. And oh boy do they drone.
  6. onestout

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    I am guessing I will need better mufflers at some point, we'll see how it goes. I am buying a kit but haven't finished picking out what all I am putting on it. I started talking with Lito, sounds like the route I will be taking. We still have a couple feet of snow so it will be a while before I can get started. Thanks for all the input.
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