AM now using a slower shippiong method BEWARE...

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    A new shipping option A.M. is using, but is apparently not understood by all front line reps is a slower less customer friendly version of UPS ground called UPS SURE POST. It can delay your package arrival date by up to 3 days beyond a standard UPS ground delivery date (my personal experience) because the process enables UPS to drop off packages at a local USPS where a new tracking number is created, the package has to again go through a sorting process and then finally get into the hands of the local postal carrier to be delivered which may be as late as 8PM on the day of delivery.

    This move was made possible a few months ago according to A.M. sources by upper management. When I attempted to get the name of a person to contact to express my dissatisfaction I was told no such access was available to me. Supervisors on the front line are not allowed to escalate customers or concerns of customers who wish to speak with the source or sources of such inept decision making.

    When ordering from A.M. now:

    When ordering make sure you have the rep clearly explain which UPS process will be used. If UPS SUREPOST is how they plan to ship it, you may wish to find another source for your part as this slower less costly (to AM) process may create conflicts with schedules with tuners, speed shops, etc. due to adding delivery time you are not aware of until days after the purchase when you get the UPS tracking number.

    What to do if you find your package tracking is not updating and you have not yet received your package from A.M. and want to know when it will arrive and what is holding it up -

    ON the UPS tracking page to the right side you will find another tracking number that is about 35 digits in length. You will need to go to!input.action and enter this new USPS tracking number. This will give you the new created USPS delivery process which may take days more to arrive. Then you will know how much longer it will take to receive the package that UPS initially estimated to arrive to you at an earlier time. For a fee UPS will change the process and allow you to upgrade to UPS ground or pick it up at a local UPS hub IF YOU MAKE THE REQUEST BEFORE IT IS RECEIVED BY THE USPS FOR THEIR PROCESSING AND FINAL DELIVERY.

    Good luck...and once again thank you American Muscle Corporate Management for such wonderful service (sarcasm grade A). Don't spend that big fat bonus check you earned for this shrewd business move in one place.
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    I haven't ordered from them for a long time now. Too many options out there to have to deal with this kind of stuff.
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    UPS Sure Post Sucks !!!!
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    rock bottom prices
    rock bottom service with a healthy helping of social media

    but they do get some cheap rims made effectively. I don't know how to feel.
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    They were great back when I had my Bullitt and was spending lots of money on aftermarket stuff. Glad I got all that shit out of my system before they went to crap.
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    Just got some parts last thursday from AM. Ordered 3 1/2 weeks ago. It was a good reminder on why I haven't used them in several years.
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    Summitracing doesn something similar now with some shipping company I've never heard of
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    What I want to know is what happened to their customer service, free shipping on everything and all their reps they used to have on the forums. It seems the company has taken a nose dive but I’m curious as to why.

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    Funny, case I just realized something was up with them a couple hours ago.

    Normally, they advertise free 2-day shipping, and I get my item in one day. I assume because I am close to the warehouse. Every now and again, it would take longer if the item was across the country.

    But, now when I checkout, it says that I get my item in THREE days. That was a change from just a short time ago, and I would assume it is because of the USPS Sure Post stuff.
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    basically everyone needs to temper their expectations. We are still living in a golden age compared to the old days. never has it been cheaper and easier to whore out and ruin your factory car with aftermarket parts. Whipple is about to drop a 1000 hp bolt on blower kit for the 18+ GT's. (and you can then buy the requisite $7,000 trans/clutch/driveshaft/axles...)

    Rock and roll.
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    AM is truly the Pep Boys of online Mustang parts store. Like someone said above, about 10 years ago they used to be PHENOMENAL...and you won't hear me say other wise. Now? They're polite when you talk to them online, but ordering crap and hoping that whey they say the part is in stock, it actually IS in stock. Just not worth it to deal with any more. And don't get me started on that crap program BAMA.
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    AM = order one part and I'll fill your inbox with "All Messages" from my spam marketing team.
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    To top it off, AM no longer honors the S197 Forum discount code.
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    I stopped ordering from them when I realized their prices werent that great but this turns me off altogether. I dont think we’re entitled to a discount but its a great incentive for us as a community dedicated to mustangs to keep shopping for parts through them.

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    I don't think they're a sponsor anymore which is why. They stopped being a sponsor on the site as well. I haven't purchased from them since the tuner, FRPP intake and tune I bought from them in 20010ish(?) for my 2008.
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    I bet they are all over facebook's nuts.

    Their prime customer is a guy with a 2010 GT with SN95 offset wheels, a CAI, filthy engine, instagram acct, and a bama tune. Likes plastic stuff which is light to ship. That is where all the $$ is made!!
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