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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Adomis63, Jun 29, 2021.

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    Hey there! As of a couple weeks ago, I am new to mustang ownership. A family member cut me a deal I couldn't refuse on an '07 GT premium. It's in pretty great shape and runs quite well, if a little tired at 270k miles.

    I have stumbled across this site a LOT looking for advice and inspiration on my new found time-waster. I'm torn deciding what exactly I should do with it - start modifying it, or just use it for what it is and enjoy the life it has left in it. The family and myself enjoy driving it as it is but it might be hard to do nothing with it while it sits in the garage for the northern Illinois winter season....

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    Hi. I'm pretty new here also but if I had an '07 with that kind of miles I would just drive and enjoy it but at the same time I would start looking for a low mile used long block (short block plus heads) and start building a new combo. Have the heads ported, build your new short block (stroker kit?) and get ready to have some fun. When your new engine is done and installed you can start dealing with the normal broken drive train parts, suspension mods, and all the other fun that's parts of the game. Good luck! 20190224_175912.jpg !
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