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    I think you mentioned having some Bilstein struts/shocks that were built shorter than stock to maintain more suspension travel on a lowered car. Is this something you will be selling for the S550?
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    I guess you guys don't monitor your section? You pay money to advertise I would have thought you'd check this once in a while.

    If you have no interest in selling Bilsteins for the street that's fine.
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    Maybe best to email or call ... I don't think they have enough staff unfortunately to have somebody keep an eye on all the forums they're involved with for questions.

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    Wow... passive aggressive much? :Big Laugh:

    We try to monitor dozens of forums, our Facebook feed, blog, youtube channel, instagram, twitter... on top of the 100+ emails a day dozens of phone calls. Facebook message response time is down to 50 minutes, because people get snippy if they have to wait longer. Its always easier to get us on the phone (972-422-7170) or email ([email protected]) if you need a faster response.

    This is our Vorshlag/Bilstein "Track Pro" suspension kit for the S1`97 Mustang

    We sell two versions of an S197 Bilstein strut/shock based suspension kit for... the S197. They are both popular, durable monotube based suspension kits that are 100% complete, with no re-use of any OEM parts needed. Take them out of the box and install.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Vorshlag/Bilstein "StreetPro" kit is shocks, springs, Vorshlag camber plates and rear shock mounts for the S197

    The problem with the S550 is - it is too new. Bilstein does not have a strut/shock design released for the S550 chassis, which uses completely different designs than the S197 on everything. We expect to see that soon... and you better believe we will be all over these with our own Street and Track oriented kits soon after. :)
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    Got a burning question that you need answered not now, but RIGHT NOW? call us... 972.422.7170
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    I can't believe you didn't take the opportunity to call them StreetCarBro and TrackDayBro kits.....oh well.
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    Better advertising answering questions here than a personal call

    Someone from Vorshlag mentioned some shorter Bilsteins to maintains suspension travel with a lower ride height any chance you will be doing that for the S550? I know a lot of Mustang owners are lowering their cars and unbeknownst to them they loose valuable suspension travel. A shorter shock maximizes the travel making the car ride better and safer.
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    As soon as Bilstein has something ready for the S550, we will be testing it.

    Right now the cost to custom build a complete S550 strut using generic Bilstein Motorsports components approaches or surpasses the cost of a MCS (Motion Control Suspension) kit. The MCS setup would be a better kit with more features for about the same cost.

    To keep the prices reasonable, we have to start with an OEM fitment Bilstein strut and then test it's limits for something like the StreetPro kit, or modify it for something like the TrackPro kit. If the MCS kit was not available, we would go ahead with the Bilstein Motorsports kits, but I'm not sure there are many people who need a set of $10k double adjustable inverted Bilsteins, or even a set of $5k non adjustable inverted big-piston struts. If that's you, or you plan on doing gravel rally events, then give me a call because I'll build them. But for most of our customers the MCS is a better price-to-feature balance.