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Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Zorloch, May 16, 2021.

  1. Zorloch

    Zorloch Junior Member

    Hey guys, new here, happy to be apart of the community!

    I have an 05 GT Automatic, the question I have today is about the BBK Shorty Ceramic Headers.

    I have the stock exhaust manofild, Pypes offroad x-pipe, and flowmaster outlaws.

    My question for today is, will my PYPES x-pipe fit the BBK Shorty headers? Or do I need to buy anything else (besides the obvious gaskets) like another x-pipe or anything to custom fab?

  2. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    Since you still have the stock exhaust manifolds, your existing midpipe will bolt right up to the shorty headers.
    Installation time for the shorty headers will be about four hours, and the procedure is much easier if the car is on a lift.
  3. Iceman62

    Iceman62 Bullitt 6005

    And...proper tools + talent & the 4-letter phrase book as getting your '05 parts wrenched off can be a beoutch. :D
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  4. 06 T-RED S/C GT

    06 T-RED S/C GT forum member

    Welcome aboard! Just as the others have posted, your shorties will bolt right up to the stock mid-pipe, as their the same dimensions as the OEM exhaust manifolds.
  5. Rich Grundza

    Rich Grundza Junior Member

    I have done both the BBK shorties and the Kooks long tubes on a 2013. If you are doing it with out a lift it can become tedious and 4 hours is unrealistic. on the 13 with the Coyote it took some finesse to get the passenger side up in there. Drivers side was easy. Getting the cats off was bad n the drivers side Soak the $hit out of them with blaster or what ever penetrant and it wouldn't hurt to have a torch with MAPP gas to heat them up, unless you can cut the bolts. Not an option with the coyote, cats have studs. Too bad its an 05, I'd send you the shorties free you pay shipping.
  6. Daniel Roberson

    Daniel Roberson Junior Member

    Please buy long tubes and save your money.
  7. eighty6gt

    eighty6gt forum member

    The headers won't add any power and are a reliability concern vs. the original cast manifolds.
  8. MasterofDisaster

    MasterofDisaster Member

    For Heaven's sake, make sure you use 6-point sockets on all exhaust fasteners. I tried using 12-point sockets, and it turned into a four day job, and I had to remove the left manifold from the exhaust pipe with an angle grinder.

    I'm pretty sure I posted about installing BBK ceramic shorties on my 08.
  9. Laga

    Laga Member

    Being 16 years old, some of the studs will not want to come out. Don’t force them. Despite penetrating oil and heat I had one that just wouldn’t move. I wound up cutting a small amount off the end so I could slide headers in.
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  10. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    Agreed. The minimal gains with shorties is not worth the expense and effort. Ceramic coated LT's, and a hi-flow catted H was a night and day difference.
  11. Daniel Roberson

    Daniel Roberson Junior Member

    It cost money to have more performance it's sad but it's true.
  12. thirwin

    thirwin Junior Member

    I put American Racing long tube headers with hi flow cats on my ‘07 and got 320 RWHP after, 285 before.
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  13. Rich Grundza

    Rich Grundza Junior Member

    As several have pointed out and personal experience, save the money and go with long tubes and buy either Kooks, american racing or ultimate. These are the consensus top 3 among tuners and knowledgeable users out there. Ceramic coated BBK's are around 500 kooks long tubes are in the 800 range and they are stainless steel. I never regretted spending the money for them and the green cats, trust me it was 2300 bucs for a 2013 but worth every penny. Every time I go to the track it just gets faster, even when the damn thing is breaking loose and giving me 2.1 60', last time out it hit 131 with and 11.5 pedalling it. My second pass was a 13.6 at 121 and I could floor it the track was so bad, 121 mph and never WOT, but I digress. Get quality long tubes and you'll never regret it.
  14. 07 Boss

    07 Boss Senior Member

    If you want to save a few bucks and get a little performance you might want to look into a set of PaceSetter headers. I think I paid just over $500 for the ceramic coated LT's and O/R mid-pipe. They have been on my car for over a decade without too many issues. I had a leak in my mid-pipe but that was after I gave her a good raspberry on a speed bump. They come with a slightly larger primary than most headers built for our cars which was a definite plus with a boosted motor. Anyways they are inexpensive because they are mild steel so if corrosion is an issue where you live this is probably not a viable option. Just thought I would throw a shameless plug in there as I have been more than happy with this option.
  15. Mitchr85

    Mitchr85 Junior Member

    Does anyone know who has LTH's in stock? I had some BBK ceramic with catted x-pipe for my 14 GT on backorder for months and finally was told that they did not know when they would ship. BBK said they were planning on moving their production out of California because of the politics affecting production with Covid restrictions.
  16. BAD3VLV

    BAD3VLV Junior Member

    Like everyone else said, just go with the LT's. It takes the same amount of time to install with almost zero gains ove4 stock manifolds. I've had the Pypes LT's on mine with O/R X for years with zero issues. Easiest way to do it is using a strut tower engine hoist/holder and drop the kmember.
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