For sale- 2006 Mustang GT Premium- Supercharged/ Built Engine (3v 302ci)/ 6 speed/ Highly Modified.

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    ***Scroll down to see videos in replies***

    For sale- 2006 Mustang GT Premium- Supercharged/ Built Engine (3v 302ci)/ 6 speed/ Highly Modified. 32,000 miles on car. Weekend warrior but only took it to the track a few times. I have been the only owner of the car since buying it new in 2006. This has been my baby ever since but after getting out of the Army a couple years ago I just don’t have the time to enjoy it and my priorities have changed. Pictures and list of modifications are below but a lot of custom work such as the wire tuck and other little attributes are not on there. I’d be happy to discuss with any potential prospects. NO TRADES, I have everything I want right now so please, not interested. Asking $15,000. Location- Austin, TX

    JDM Stroker 302 Aluminum Long Block--JDM
    Kellogg steel forged 3.750" stroker crank
    Manley H beam rods
    Manley Forged aluminum 20 over pistons 9.8:1 compression
    Federal moguel bearings
    Gas nitrate coated rings
    ARP 3v main studs
    ARP 3v head studs
    GT500 oil pump
    Fully blue printed and balanced
    3V Cylinder heads CNC ported
    Heads are CNC ported and flow 296 CFM intake and 215 exhaust
    Manley valves that are 1mm oversize
    Manley Springs that hold 120 psi seat pressure
    Manley titanium retainers
    Comp Cams 127300--Comp Cams
    Twin 62mm polished Throttle Body--FRPP
    Catch Can Breather Tank--Allstar Performance
    15% Overdrive Balancer--Innovators West
    Billet Aluminum Belt Tensioner--Thump RRR Racing
    76mm Idler pulley for belt tensioner--Thump RRR Racing
    90mm Double Bearing Billet Aluminum Idler Pulley--Thump RRR Racing
    Saleen Extension Arm (Custom milled for correct pulley alignment) --Thump RRR Racing
    8 Rib Conversion Kit BGG Performance
    X-Calibrator III Blank Flash Tuner--SCT
    LC-1 Wideband A/F Kit with DB digital gauge--Innovate Motorsports
    Wot Box - No Lift Shift - 2 Step Launch Control--N2MB Racing

    Supercharger Base Kit--Saleen
    Ported supercharger lid --JDM/Saleen
    Extreme Ultimate Air Kit (PMAS Velocity MAF w/ 95mm housing) --Saleen
    Supercharger Vacuum Upgrade Kit--JDM
    2.95 S/C pulley (included in the price of the 8 rib kit) --Thump RRR
    Digital Vacuum/Boost Gauge--Autometer

    3" Magnapack Cat-Back system--MagnaFlow
    Headers 1 3/4" x 3" 304 Grade Stainless Steel--Kooks
    Catted H-Pipe (Installed) --Kooks
    Catted X-Pipe (Included but not Installed) --Kooks
    Black Ceramic Coating of Headers--Classic Coatings

    Fuel System
    GT500 Fuel system Upgrade--Ford Racing
    60lb Injectors 4 Mototron High Impedance (Long Style) EV1 --Siemen Deka
    Fuel pressure adaptor block with carbon gauge
    Digital Fuel Pessure Gauge (Cobalt series) 100psi--Autometer
    High Flow Fuel Rails--Fore

    Electric Water Pump--Meziere
    Performance Alum. Radiator--Mishimoto
    FORD-4D 170° Performance Thermostat--Reische Performance
    Trunk Mounted Heat Exchanger Reservoir Tank w/ internal pump--Custom
    Shelby American Competition Heat Exchanger--Shelby Performance
    Alum. Radiator Expansion Tank--Custom/Ebay

    Drive Train
    Tr6060 6 speed Transmission kit with Alum. Driveshaft--Ford
    GT500 RXT Street Twin Disc Clutch (26 Spline) --Mcleod
    Ford 8 Bolt Lightened Steel Flywheel--Mcleod
    GT500 Short throw shifter--MGW
    3.73 Gears--Ford Racing
    Rear low profile girdle--FRPP

    D-Spec Series Adjustable Shocks and Struts--Tokico
    Pro-Kit Springs --Eibach
    Adjustable Lower Control Arms--BMR
    Rear Lower Control Arm Anti-Squat/ Relocation Brackets--CHE
    Adj. Street 3rd Link/ Upper Control Arm--Steeda
    Adjustable Panhard Rod--BMR
    Upper Panhard Rod Support--BMR
    Rear Sway Bar --Roush
    Billet Camber Adjusters --Steeda
    Caster Camber Plates (Included but not Installed) --Maximum Motorsports
    Bum Steer Kit (Included but not Installed) --Steeda

    Rims, Tires, and Brakes
    Baer Extreme 14" Brakes with 6 piston calipers and hose kit--Baer
    C20 3-piece Wheels 19x9 Front 19x10.5 Back--HRE
    ET Street Radial II -305/35-19 (Rear)(price is for both) --Mickey Thompson
    Potenza RE-11 XL 265/35R-19 (Front)(price is for both) --Bridgestone

    Roush Signature Embroidered Stage 3 Leather Seats--Roush & Yates Racing
    2010-2014 GT500 Steering Wheel Upgrade Leather/Alcantara--Ford
    3 Gauge pod pillar--SOS
    PA500.4 800W Max, 4-Channel Amplifier--Polk Audio
    AVIC-5000NEX DDIN --Pioneer
    680.9cs 2-way Kappa Series Component System--Infinity
    Blue LED switch upgrade
    2014 style custom fit door panels--Ford

    Custom Install and paint 2014 GT500 conversion kit as well as fabricate custom fenders --Tallent's Hot Rod Shop
    2014 GT500 Conversion Kit w/ 2014 style grills & Black Mamba Hood--BMC
    Mesh Grill
    Headlights, 2010 Style, Custom Painted/Install with Morimoto HID & Projector
    Fog Lights- Smoked Spyder
    GT500 Hood Struts (NXT line) pre-painted--California Pony Cars
    GT500 Carbon Fiber Chin Spliter--Shelby
    GT500 - GT/CS Rear Bumper Cover--Ford
    Rear Spoiler Kit--Roush
    Rocker Panels--3D Carbon
    Quarter Window Louvers -
    Complete Directional Mirrors w/ blinker
    Gen5 Tail Lights --Raxium
    Carbon Fiber Center Taillight Filler--RKSport
    Rear Bumper Marker lights-smoked w/
    Front Bumper Marker lights-smoked w/
    LED Third Light (brake light) --SVE

    Engine Bay
    GT500 Upper Radiator Cover Hydro-dipped Carbon Fiber--Ford
    Custom Powder Coated Valve Covers and Timing Cover
    Custom Powder Coated Supercharger Lid
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  2. Jason

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  3. Jason

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  4. Lowfast

    Lowfast Just another idiot

    Wow, very nice work and a clean ride. GLWS
  5. Saleen194

    Saleen194 Junior Member

    Damn bro, you're giving it away
  6. spectreman

    spectreman forum member

    Holy moley..... nice build, AWESOME price.
  7. Jason

    Jason forum member

    I know I'm practically giving it away but I feel it's a marketable price. This car means everything to me but sentimental value doesn't sell. Not many people have the cash to buy it out right for more than what I'm asking and others would argue if I sold it for $25-$30 they could buy a brand new one for the same price. I'm just trying to circumvent the back to forth price negotiations.
  8. sdleo29

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    Great looking car, GLWS... If a person knows what they are looking at, it is a great deal, but it is probably priced right if you ant to sell it.
  9. Forty61

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    Good god that’s pretty.. GLWS
  10. RolloTomassi

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    We can't have nice things like that here in CA. Thank you CARB & Smog laws...

    That's a great build, hope it finds a good home!

    Post a vid, I'd love to hear how it sounds.
  11. Jason

    Jason forum member

    We have emissions tests in Austin, TX too. It passes thanks to some tuning modifications ;-). Just as long as it has cats and throws no codes.
  12. Jason

    Jason forum member

    I'll throw up some videos maybe this weekend. Just been busy.
  13. Sactown

    Sactown Sactown

    awesome ride, glws
  14. whippledpony

    whippledpony forum member

    damn i wish i could buy this car from you
  15. 63XL500

    63XL500 Junior Member

    Has the A/C been removed? Beautiful build.
  16. Jason

    Jason forum member

    No, it has not
  17. Jason

    Jason forum member

  18. booster19

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    Damn I just logged in for the first time looking to see if I could find anything for $15k or less just looking for HP not really anything super custom like your build. Maybe I will wait another 6 months and log back in to see if the price ever came down, probably not, but worth the look regardless. Super Nice bud I wish it was in my budget I would drive to TX tomorrow. Oh and from one Vet to another thanks for your service.

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