Lentech 4r70w strip terminator

Discussion in 'Mustang Parts For Sale' started by LTHLCHRG, Apr 10, 2020.


    LTHLCHRG forum member

    Lentech strip terminator s197 kit for sale. Comes with -strip terminator trans with trans brake and manual valve body(rated for 1500hp) -Lentech non locking converter(2400 stall). -Bear custom one piece driveshaft with 1350 u joint -Custom trans mount -flywheel Overdrive needs to be checked over. Looking to sell cheap, first one for a $1000 usd takes it . Tranny at #jpcracing in Maryland
  2. Red Sleeper

    Red Sleeper Junior Member

    I am interested in the kit !

    Please send me more info. like Lentech part # and specification chart .
    How much time in drag racing have you given the transmission ?
    It is auto shift or manual shift ?
    The transmission have problem with the overdrive ?
    What car were you running in ?

    You can contact me to my email - [email protected]
    Thanks !
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