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    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Brandon and I am the owner of Madd Retros and Madd Motorsports Design. At the moment, my company specializes on automotive lighting and customization for the SN95's. However, we do have a S197 that will be seeing some modifications done that will be open to everyone.

    If your are looking to get HIDs, LEDs, Projectors, Halos, Demon Eyes, or even Light Bars, I can get all that to you. Special code for the S197Forum2018. Enjoy! If you have any questions, please send an email or PM!


    email: [email protected] (Please include indicate which forum and provide your username)

    Here are some of the services we offer at the moment:

    Authorized Dealer for:

    • Starry Night Halo (Known for their RGB Chasing Lights)
    • Colorwerkz (Known for their RGB Chasing Lights)
    • Diode Dynamics (Known for their LED components)
    • NeoPrism (Known for their RGB Chasing Lights)
    • The Retrofit Source (The #1 retrofit parts store. Carry brands such as Morimoto, Phillips, Osram, Kioto, Hella, JW Speaker, Denso, Acme, Profile, LED Concepts, etc)
    • Automotive Custom Lighting (Retrofit shop and distributor for NeoPrism)
    • HID Projectors (Retrofit shop known for their 7" housings)
    • Lighting Trendz (Retrofit shop and distributor for Colorwerkz)
    • Digikey (LED and lighting components for DIY. These are not built components. You buy the parts to build yourself)

    We also have accounts for the following parts store:

    • Ford OEM parts
    • Carid
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  2. b.mad

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    We also have an account with Automotive Custom Lighting, HID Projectors, and a local vendor that sells replica housings!
  3. b.mad

    b.mad Member Official Vendor

    Side marker reflectors are in for the New Edge! Get rid of the ambers and get clears or smoked!

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  4. b.mad

    b.mad Member Official Vendor

    We now have an account with Stary Night Halo and Carid! Let us know if you need anything from those sites.
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