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  1. Bud Mud

    Bud Mud Junior Member

    is that the size carbs that DYERS recommended? I just got a buy of a life time last week, i bought a complete small block with a B&M 420 mega blower but it has 2- 800 holleys on it and i think thats way to much carb. I raced NOS engine for 28yrs and this is my first blower engine, its not gonna be for racing. Im gonna put it in an 05 mustang, were gonna narrow the rear and tub it to teach my nephew how to build hot rods. I'll be calling DYERS in the couple weeks to order some parts plus to learn. THANKS again, nice build to.
  2. jsimmonstx

    jsimmonstx forum member

    The car was running an 850 q-series, and that was (IMHO) too much carb. Even an 800 would have been a little on the large side.

    The 650's are the smallest blower-referenced carbs that QF makes, and Dyers originally sold these carbs to a guy running a 363 (302 based) SBF. I bought them used, and had to jet them up. I may also need to change the power valve because my motor makes very little vacuum - gonna find out today or tomorrow.

    If I were you, I'd use the engine the way it is and see what's what before buying new carbs. Twin 800's is a lot of carb, but it might be just right for the motor they're on and the boost it's running.
  3. jsimmonstx

    jsimmonstx forum member

    I got my tires/wheels from LMR on Tuesday - 295/55/15 on 15x10 for the rear, and 17x4.5 inch wheels with 28-inch tires on the front.

    Installing the fronts were no problem, but the rears were annoying...

    In order to put 15's on the rear, you need to install sway bar relocation plates. This was problematic because:

    0) I have a Cortex watts link.
    1) I have an Eibach adjustable sway bar.

    The relocation plates from LMR are held onto the sway bar mounting location with a carriage bolt. This resulted in me having to grind some material out of the Eibach brackets to clear the carriage bolt AND off the bolt itself in order for the brackets to sit flush on the plate.

    Once that was done, I went to attach the sway bar brackets, and discovered that the new sway bar position would prevent me from attaching the sway bar to the bracket because a) the bracket bolt was now 1/2 inch too long, and even if it wasn't, the nut for that bolt would not clear the bolt head for the LCA. End result - I had to remove the sway bar completely. (I'm currently in negotiation for a cash+OEM bar trade for my Eibach, but this is highly annoying, to say the least).

    To add insult to injury, the threaded holes in the wheels for the wheel caps are fouled with paint, so I have to chase the with a tap before I can put the caps on. Of course, I don't know what the thread pitch is for the wheel cap bolts, so I have to stop on the way home today at the local fastener shop so I can buy a tap to clean up the threads.

    On the bright side, the 28-inch tires in the front might make it easier for me to get the car on my car trailer. :)

    This evening's task is dependent on whether or not I get the carb air bleed kits I ordered from summit. If those come, it'll be another day (or two, or three) tuning the carburetors. I also have to replace the OEM fox body gas pedal with a Lokar unit (also should be here today or tomorrow).

    Finally, I need to cut a hole in the hood.
  4. jsimmonstx

    jsimmonstx forum member

    Got the hole cut in the hood. Now I gotta solder in a trim edge to hide the hood frame. I also got the wheel cap issue resolved, and the carbs are even most of the way tuned.

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  5. bujeezus

    bujeezus forum member

    That thing is so ridiculously cool. I love it.
  6. Bud Mud

    Bud Mud Junior Member

    Dam that looks good, hope to get started on mine soon, im gonna back half mine with some big ol'fatties and slam it to the ground. NICE JOB!:rocking:
  7. slackinoff

    slackinoff Senior Member S197 Team Member

    I really enjoyed reading your build. What is funny is, after reading your first post, I thought this was a joke. Then I scrolled down to the bottom and saw 19 pages! I knew it was going to be good, and you didn't disappoint.
  8. 14GT4ME

    14GT4ME Junior Member

    I love this!!! Car looks awesome sir!!!
  9. 08StangGT_CS

    08StangGT_CS forum member

    So any updates on this car?
  10. fourdegrees11

    fourdegrees11 forum member


    This car is insanely awesome!
  11. jsimmonstx

    jsimmonstx forum member

    I replace the OEM radiator with a FRPP part, and got the hood on it. I also installed a Blowfish tow hook to help get it onto the trailer.

    I tried to add pics, but it keeps telling my I've exceeded my quota.
  12. jsimmonstx

    jsimmonstx forum member

    Added an autometer monster tach without drilling holes in the dash.


    Here's a pic with the hood:
  13. Shylc

    Shylc Junior Member

    Very cool car.
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