New 2007 GT/5spd owner

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    Hello all.
    My name is Dean. I'm from Phoenix AZ, and I recently purchased a 2007 4.6 GT/5spd. Long time gearhead, mostly 60s-70's musclecars, but I've dabbled with bugs, mini trucks, sandrails etc. I enjoy doing fabrication work and I'm mechanically inclined.
    Other than a 1997 F-150 i owned several years back, never been a Ford guy. I was on the hunt for another first gen Camaro project and my wife told me to instead get a running driving car that puts a smile on your face and doesnt cost a crap ton of money. So, being a Chevy guy in general- I started looking at early 5th gen Camaros. I friend of mine suggested I look at a later model Mustang- i'd always enjoyed the throaty sound of the 5.0's and said "sure- why not"
    I found this one local- its a restored salvage with 128,000 miles, but thats ok with me- not looking for an investment. Took it for a test drive and I was instantly hooked. Some PO had done some work to it already- BBK offroad exhaust, lowered a bit, looks like aftermarket panhard bar and some nice slotted/ drilled disks with aftermarket pads. I got it for $6100, so seemed like a pretty good deal to me. I put new wheels and tires on it, a K&N cold air setup, and a new spoiler to make it my own. Also ordered up a tune from American Muscle. Will eventually be painting it grabber blue, but for now the white will do.
    Anyhoo- this new form of hot rodding is new to me- tunes and all that, but I can appreciate the ease of performance upgrades with the late model musclecars. Lots of Mustang forums out there, but since this one is aimed at the S197 specifically, I thought this would be the best choice IMG_4550.JPG IMG_4554.JPG IMG_4550.JPG
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    Sorry- didnt mean to upload the same photo's so many times. Will be more aware of that in the future. The car isnt so cool it deserves 8 photos...
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    Sharp looking ride - like those wheels too!
    Welcome aboard
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    Nice! Is that a stock hood?
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    Thanks for the welcome. The wheels remind me of the old Shelby wheels, so I thought theyd be cool. As far as I know the hood is stock. It was in a fender bender and the pass front fender and front bumper/ grill was replaced. I think the hood too as the white on those parts isnt quite the same as the rest of the car.
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    Greetings/Welcome from East-Central NE...sit down, log-in & enjoy the ride!!!
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    Welcome to the forum. I like them wheels!
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    Get a tune from lito instead of American muscle/BAMA.
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    Nice looking GT. Are you going to put any vynle back on it after you paint it grabber blue?

    I wish I knew how to spell vinyl.
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    Welcome aboard look forward to seeing what changes you make to your Stang.