New 2018 engine issues 1st day

Discussion in '2015+ S550 Mustang Chit Chat' started by JJ427R, Apr 6, 2019.

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    Thanks guys. Forgot to mention we agreed with Ford to try it for a couple weeks so the case is not officially closed yet. Ford was pretty cool about that.
    My hand controls don't get installed until the 22nd so the wife gets to break it in next week...
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    I dunno, we’ve driven mostly Toyotas for the last 35-40 years. I’ve been in the middle of the dealer run around with them too. The local Ford dealer treats me better than either of the nearby Toyota dealers, they are incredibly arrogant and condescending by comparison. The best thing about Toyotas is you never really get to know the dealer service folks much.

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    It's better to buy a used car and have it serviced at a local garage that you can trust, or do as much of the work as possible yourself. Then you wouldn't need to get to know the service stealerships at all. ;) The trouble is that you can't avoid them if your car is under warranty and you need to make a claim.
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    I used to think this way but my thoughts have recently changed, but my circumstance are a bit different so I'll explain.
    I was looking for used stangs, primarily 2012 and newer 5.0's with under 30,000 miles. Because I drive with hand controls I require an automatic, this also restricts me from doing a lot of the work myself on my cars, The automatic thing also eliminates me from Shelby GT500's or Boss 302's as they are all manual trans. Pneumatic shifting may be an option, but that's way more than I want to get into.

    The inventory I was finding in my price range was either too high priced for what it is, or had way higher mileage than I wanted.
    I had checked out a 2013 GT/CS in beautiful shape that appeared to be a great car, turns out had tick I had the dealer investigate, which I found then needed a complete bottom end in the motor. This is way more common than most people think, especially when on forums like these where I commonly read people pulling off all their parts they've put on their car before they sell it.

    I was also looking for a track day car, so it needs big brakes, added cooling, tires, etc... What it would cost me for the cars I was looking at, and then to add these parts, and to have someone do the work, was getting me near the cost of a new Mustang that already had all this on it, and with a 3 year warranty, which none of the used cars I was looking at had as the warranty has expired on almost everything up to 2015.
    Yes it cost me more to do this now, but over the next 5-10 years will be a benefit to me.
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  6. eighty6gt

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    you can race a car with a factory warranty?
  7. JJ427R

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    It's not racing, it's High Performance Track Days. It's not supposed to be competitive.
    If factories are building cars with track apps, adding big brakes, and track options, and then advertising it for the track, then why not?
    You do have to have HPDE insurance as your regular insurance will not cover you on the track.

    Don't forget the Boss 302LS or the Shelby GT350R, built specifically for the track...
    Jack Roush highly promotes getting his cars on track….
    "Between a Race car and a road car is a Roush Car" - Jack Roush
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    Was looking thru the owners manual and there is a "Track Use" section on pg. 246-247 that explains "Track Apps is for track use only" also explains the track apps, track exhaust mode, and also tells you when going on track to change the oil from 5W-30 to 5W-50 for the 2.3L and 5W-20 to 5W-30 for the 5.0, and to regularly check your oil during an event. How frickin' cool is that.
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    All dealerships to an extent act like this, and most any warranty company will take a shot at denying claims because 65%+ will give up. My 13 GT 6 speed blew third gear apart during normal driving back in September. I had bought a warranty because they gave me .9% apr if I did. It took 4 months and the threat of a lawsuit for them to pay the claim. It’s sad that that’s the way it is these days. I drive 38 miles to a Lincoln dealer for my wife’s mkz warranty work and warranty stuff like airbag recall on my 13 and 09. I live 1.2 miles from a Ford Lincoln dealer....I wouldn’t let them work on my lawn mower and wouldn’t buy so much as a spark plug from them. When you find a good dealer, stick with them. I’ve bought my last three Lincoln’s from the same dealer because they are small and value their customers.
  10. JJ427R

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    A little update on the car.. have not really had a chance to drive it too much but recently turned over 1000 miles with no issues, so far so good...
    Also received my $1000 rebate from Ford for my hand controls.

    First track days with it are coning soon July 6-7 at Road America, very excited to get it on track and see how it will do stock with the PP1 package compared to my 2010 Roush with many mods. Similar hp between the two so thinking it will run similar or better times...
    Been trying the paddle shifting and it seems to work great with my hand controls, but its a lot to do trying to shift as well as running the hand controls at the same time, especially in corners, I'll see how it goes on track.

    Corbeau 4 point harness will be here tomorrow, hope to get it installed in the next week or so, and also Ford Performance hood struts.
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    That would have so much more clever if it lined up alphabetically...
  12. JJ427R

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    Quick update, turned over 2000 miles with no further issues, so far so good. First track day at Road America in 2 weeks. :)

    Corbeau 4 points I bought would not work in the 2018-19, they bolt in differently. Waiting on the Schroth 4 points that clip in to existing belts, which are supposed to be out in July.
  13. Shaggy

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    Awesome to hear and it being such a minor issue. Stang looks awesome. Love the color.
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    Glad you got it handled.