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    I removed the fans and the bosch pump. Upgraded to the GT500 pump. After refilling I had white floating specks looked like dandruff in the degas. Tried flushing the system, put over 20g through it. Got some of it out, there is still a little left in there. On one of the hoses I removed (the "s" hose up top on the degas) there was some chalky deposit present near the ends. I have no explanation for this, the mixture that was in there before was distilled and antifreeze 80/20 and was four years old which should not be a problem.

    Anyway, results are a mixed bag. At cruise my temps are probably about 2-4 degrees cooler. At idle it is higher by at least that much. The car is certainly quieter now which is nice not to hear the loud fans blasting constantly.

    My temps are still not good and I'm seeing 50 degree over ambient at cruise once the car is warmed up fully and has been idled at lights, etc.. This is nearly as bad as before. Fluid is swirling in the degas, the system is primed, and I have no reason to believe there is any problem there.

    I am beginning to suspect the IAT sensor that came with this kit reads high baseline. At key-on I see temps 12 degrees over ambient. This seems wrong to me and could possibly explain at least part of the apparently high temps this car has always seen since I put the kit on there. Considering replacing the sensor.
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    DF56F756-2AA7-47B4-8909-ED3836F85D9A.jpeg Re: the white flakes in your system, did you ever use Redline Water Wetter? I made that mistake, and I too had flakes in the degas tank. I have an 08 Bullitt with a Roush TVS, here in Vegas summer temps hit 110+, even in traffic at a stop light, my IAT rarely reaches more than 145. I have an Aafco heat exchanger with no fans. Mods consist of aftermarket radiator(C&R); 2010 GT500 heat extractor hood vent; and for the summer months I run distilled water and coolant at approximately 4-5 to 1 water to coolant ratio.
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    I have been using 1/2 container of redline water wetter in my 2010 M90 setup..with no gunk or anything else in the de-gas. ....(since 2012).

    For all the good it does, I would not use water wetter in the IC-HE loop again. Water wetter works great in a pot of boiling water on a stove..and that's it. With 4 gpm from my Bosch pump, the flow would strip bubbles off asap. Besides, with my meager 5.8 psi boost..and Roush 18" tall x 21" wide HE, the coolant never gets more than warm..even on a hot day.

    Royal Purples.... 'purple ice' will really gunk up your De-gas / IC/ HE/pump loop. Don't use it.

    At the local .4 mile stock car track, glycol is not allowed. They all use redline + distilled water. Same deal with the dragstrip. That combo works on NA engs running flat out.