Removing Bright Trim Rings from Speedo Cluster Housing / AC Vent Panels

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Cokeologist, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Cokeologist

    Cokeologist Junior Member

    Is it possible to remove the bright trim rings from the speedo cluster housing and AC vent panels to which they are attached, without removing the speedo cluster housing / AC vent panels themselves? I would like to paint mine black but would prefer not to have to remove all of the panels just to get the bright trim rings off. Thanks for any guidance / tips.
  2. 07gts197

    07gts197 forum member

    The rings around the cluster don’t seperate but the ones around the ac vents do. They pop off with the vents themselves.

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  3. 07 Boss

    07 Boss Senior Member


    Yes they do. If you drop your steering down as far as it will go you should just be able to pry the dash face off. Starting from the very left with a trim panel tool gently pry up and it will start to come up. It is held in with plastic tabs that push into slots. You should be able to remove the trim rings and face of the dash leaving the cluster behind.
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  4. 07gts197

    07gts197 forum member

    The cluster bezel comes off but the trim rings won’t seperate unless you pry them I’m sure. What I meant is that it wasn’t intended to come apart.

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  5. Tom Gallagher

    Tom Gallagher Junior Member

    The whole bezel/trim panel pops off, but the chrome rings are plastic welded to the panel. In fact my panel is off right now as I'm chasing a rattle in the gauges and a water leak.
  6. pass1over

    pass1over I like it LOW

    What year car? Mine's a '12 and they definitely all come off, with ease. Except for the center cluster I think it was. You have to remove passenger side airbag to get it out, or it might be the passenger side a/c vent. Either way, you have to remove the airbag to get to one of them.
    The tach/speedo just pop off, they're not plastic welded on. IIRC, the a/c pods have tabs you have to push in from the backside, once they "pod" is out, you can remove the trim ring.

    I did this like 8 years ago and trying to remember. If it's not this time frame of interior, I apologize.
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