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  1. Monkeyporn

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    Hey guys/girls I need some help I needed to replace my tires and I'm wondering if I can get some help. I'm using 18x9 (front) and (rear) 18x9.5 rims ***Note I wanted 18x10 but they didn't offer them the style I choose*** Anyway I'm currently using Goodyear Eagles Super sport F1 255/45ZR18 on the rear and 285/40ZR18 on the front. While these tires stick good in hot weather and do well in the rain they are noisy and hard so the ride is not comfortable. Grip and comfort are my priorities much more than price or tread wear. Thanks for any help you peeps can give.
  2. stkjock

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    ummmm... are you sure about this?

    is this a 4 season car?
  3. Monkeyporn

    Monkeyporn forum member

    Sorry that was Goodyear Eagle Supercar F1 Tires
  4. Jack F

    Jack F Member

    I think stkjock is wondering why you have 285s on the front and 255s on the rear. The ride is not going to be comfortable on an S197 at those widths. Maybe go back to a stock 235 square setup if comfort is your main concern.
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  5. oldVOR

    oldVOR forum member

    I'm certain what stkjock meant was your reference to 255 rear and 285 front.

    That aside, grip and comfort don't typically come in the same package.

    I've run both Extreme and Max Performance summer tires from Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook and Kumho without much NVH to speak of and liked the grip they all provided under the given circumstances of their usage.
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  6. Racer47

    Racer47 Doesn't have much to say S197 Team Member

    If you put those 2 sizes into tirerack. com you have 3 choices. Maybe start there. Maybe expand your size options. Maybe do a little homework on your own and think it through more.
  7. Olerodder

    Olerodder Member

    Although I had a 2014, I had OE GT 500 wheels, 19’s in front with 255’s and 20’s in back with 285’s…I was lowered with Sportlines. And could have gone 265’s in front and 295’s in the rear. DFC17015-0098-4CE4-89E4-F22BFA37C737.jpeg
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  8. Monkeyporn

    Monkeyporn forum member

    Oh sorry my bad the 285 are on the Rear and the 255 are on the front
  9. Monkeyporn

    Monkeyporn forum member


    Uh I am doing homework that's why I posted here to get input from the vast knowledge of this group so I could hear what other people have tried and what worked and by extension what didn't . I'd also like to hear what brand of tires people have found to be 1) comfortable ride and 2) grip well in hot & raining weather. I look forward to any input any are willing to give.
  10. golkhl

    golkhl forum member

    Nitto 555 G2.
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  11. Monkeyporn

    Monkeyporn forum member

    Thank you for responding yeah I guess I am looking for the best of both worlds, but short of buying and trying at great expense tons of different tires combinations the only way to narrow it down is by gathering info on what other people have tried. You mentioned the Continental Extreme I looked at those the other day and I'm considering them although I have no experience with their brand. I'm also considering the Michelin Pilot Sport 4s but never having used them I'm not sure of the comfort or grip they will provide.

    I do appreciate everyones input as it all helps me know one what size I should buy and two what brand of tire I should buy so please keep the information coming as I need all the help I can get.

    Thank You

    Beautiful Car !!!

    I'm more than willing to expand my size options that's what I'm asking for is what sizes other people have used and how they liked them. Please by all means give me your recommendations not only to size but also to brand of tire.
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  12. RED09GT

    RED09GT Equal Opportunity Offender S197 Team Member

    Another option could be a 245/45 front and a 275/40 rear. They will be a touch shorter (1%) and narrower than what you have now but it may help with more options and save a few bucks as well.

    The goodyear F1 Supercar's are not well liked by a lot of drivers so chances are just going to a different brand in the same size will give you what you want.
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  13. Monkeyporn

    Monkeyporn forum member

    Thanks RED those are all great suggestions. I'd like to go to a wider tire so I'm looking at the Continental Extreme sport although I've never used them from the reviews I've read people say they are comparable to the Michelin sport 4s. I wanted the Mich sport 4s but they don't come in a 295. The widest I can get is 285 in an18" so I'm considering the cont since it comes in a 295. You have any experience with the Continentals extreme sport ?
  14. 07 Boss

    07 Boss Senior Member


    Michelin makes the 4S in the 295 width. In fact it is one of the only options available for my needs. It's a tad shorter than what I would like but a lot better than the little tires I got on there now.
    Pilot Sport 4 S
    295/45 ZR18 112(Y)
    *Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
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  15. Monkeyporn

    Monkeyporn forum member

    Oh wow thanks Boss I'm so happy to hear this as these are the tires I really have settled on, How do you feel these compare to the Continentals Extreme Sport ?
  16. Joe combs

    Joe combs Member

    I currently run the continental DWS06 and really like them for an all around tire. I have ran the Continental Extreme and loved it too. The extreme does wear quicker, and isn't as friendly in the cold... (had them in Germany), but were great tires for the autobahn driving. I have had 2 sets of the DWS06 and one set of the Extreme, and no road noise at all... Nothing but good things to say about the Continentals.
    The Michelin is a great tire too... was my second choice to the Continental.
  17. 07 Boss

    07 Boss Senior Member


    Never driven on the Continentals. Heard great things about them but have never purchased them, No complaints about the Michelins. great street tire. I have yet to buy them for the mustang but I have them on all four corners of my little turbo vert and they perform great.
  18. Monkeyporn

    Monkeyporn forum member

    Thanks Boss tell me are they QUITE ? Thats a big deal for me I can stand hearing road noise coming from my tires. Thats one of the things I don't like about these Goodyear Supercar F! tires they are so loud it sound like a bad week bearing. I'm really struggling to decide between the Michelins & the Continentals. The continentals are about $41.00 cheaper per tire and while thats a good thing anytime I can save money IF they are noiser then the saving aren't as important. So really having a hard time deciding.
  19. 07 Boss

    07 Boss Senior Member

    I can't vouch for that either way. They are on a little turbo vert and it's a noisy car to drive in period. As far as the Mustang, between the roar of the catless exhaust with outlaws on there and the whine of the blower along with metallica blasting, road noise from tires, unless screeching during a burn out, is non-existent.
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