Vapor canister purge valve

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Black3vGT, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Black3vGT

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    Quick question, is the 07-10 part interchangeable with the 05-06 cars? Accidentally bought one of the newer ones for my 06 and want to know if it will be ok.
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    Just got done looking at the Ford OBDII EVAP system diagrams for the 05-06 MY's then the 07-10 MY's (in which my car is a 09 MY) & outside of different naming conventions for the same part (05-06 calls this a VMV or vacuum management valve, 07-10 calls this a CPV or canister purge valve) & the 05-06 VMV's come equipped w\ an EVAP test port built into the VMV at the backside of the port that the EVAP system attaches under the green cap to whereas the 07-10 CPV's aren't equipped w\ this EVAP test port....otherwise they look the same, use the same 12v, 10A fuse circuit (BEC fuse #45 that also powers the PCM) so electrically the same so 1 would\could assume that they'll interchange function-wise.

    The 1 glaring thing that jumps out is that you would lose the EVAP test port to use to hook up a EVAP system tester easily on the 05-06 cars if you use the 07-10 CPV.....there must be a specific reason for the EVAP test port on the VMV's for those 05-06 MY cars that isn't needed for the CPV's for the 07-10 MY cars but I can't find any info that states or points to why.

    The only thing I can deduce is that the 05-06 cars could be tested using positive pressure (the EVAP test port in the VMV has a 1 way air valve in it) whereas the later 07-10 cars don't require positive press to test the EVAP system thus no EVAP test port in the CPV...….

    Best I can give you at this time. FYI, I almost went the exact opposite as you've gone due to the EVAP test port existing on the 05-06 MY VMV as I recently found my 09's CPV leaking by when closed causing a FT disparity from the resulting vacuum leak & almost bought a 05-06 VMV to replace it with due to the test port but reasoned to finally go w\ the year specific part to play it safe.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Black3vGT

    Black3vGT Member

    Awesome. Thanks!
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