WTB: 4.6L Flexplate

Discussion in 'WTB Items and/or Parts' started by TexasBlownV8, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. TexasBlownV8

    TexasBlownV8 Formerly TexasBlownV6

    [no longer looking; thanks] Anyone have a decent used 6-bolt 4.6L flexplate for sale or wanting to get rid of (for a 5r55s automatic, 2005-2010 GT)?
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  2. Razorbed

    Razorbed forum member

    I got one in my basement, new in the box. It's from a wrong order some years ago.
    I'll only charge you shipping from Germany and obviously you'll have to pay taxes on it.
    Let me know if you want it via PM.
  3. clarakatecole

    clarakatecole Junior Member

    Hey, you can contact Peter he has a for sale here is his email address, [email protected]

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  4. TexasBlownV8

    TexasBlownV8 Formerly TexasBlownV6

    No longer looking; got one from 05stroker (thank you, Billy!)
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