2017 Intake Manifold in 2011 GT?

Discussion in '2011+ Mustang GT 5.0L Tech' started by IFlyEm, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. IFlyEm

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    I stumbled across someone selling their stock 2017 Coyote intake manifold. I'm curious as to if it will work with my 2011 Coyote? Are there any benefits or increased performance with the newer intake manifold?

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  2. stkjock

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    IIRC there was a recent thread on this topic, or a similar question, did you search?

    I don't think they can be swapped easily if memory serves
  3. LarryJM

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    Some people think the original manifold is not all that bad after trying other manifolds. It seems total HP under the curve is as important as peak HP. One manifold might peak at 390 RWH and another might be 370 but both have an "under the curve" HP of 355. That seems to be way some Dyno Experts say a Boss Long Block with a standard manifold might actually run better.
  4. Wolf302

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    2017 intake does not really have much benefit on the 11-14 coyotes. To install it you would need to lock-out the IMRC control which is pretty simple but even the 2018 manifolds which are pretty popular right now do not benefit the 11-14s as much as the 15-17s because the IMRCs are useless on the 11-14s.

    I think the CJ is still the best NA manifold for the 11-14 while the 18 is solid on the 15+