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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Enfield, Nov 26, 2020.

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    There seems to be a steady stream of new VA members joining up. Mine is a 2007 GT convertible. It had a few paint issues which were immediately corrected. Basically stock except for JLT3 CAI, with BBK LT's and x-pipe ahead of M-80's and American Thunder Flowmasters. 17 and 18 AM wheels with stock fronts and 295/45x18's out back. Original owner had the work done at AM, along with a BAMA tune. Roush [Ford] springs, Steeda pulleys, and 3.73 round out the performance upgrades.
    This is my first Mustang since 1967; that one was a '66 convertible 289 in Candy Apple Red. After extensive experience with upgrades in Euro and Jap vehicles and motorcycles, I've come back to the good old USA. Purpose for buying this unit was to replace my last motorcycle and to provide the same wind in the face and effortless acceleration of that R1200RT. 12 second potential, although the car will never see the strip. I'm a former SCCA and BMW road racer, but this one will likewise never tour a road course; strictly a cruiser with cross-country manners.
    To those ends, expected upgrades include an LP 'charger and some more comfortable seats. It's nice to find an American performance site where members take a rational approach. Looking forward to sharing this car's evolution.

    Enfield, Lexington, VA
  2. 1 Alibi 2

    1 Alibi 2 If not today, when ??????

    Welcome to the forum..
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  4. 06 T-RED S/C GT

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    Welcome aboard
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    Greetings/Welcome from East-central NE...sit down, log-in & enjoy the ride!!!
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    Links to icons in "Posting Etiquette" tutorial don't work. Is this something in my browser or something that needs fixing?
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