Anyone used Carpro CquartzUK3.0 ceramic coating? Streaks :(

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    Had my 2010 gt about a year and its needed paint correction badly. The front and rear bumpers were badly damaged from UV as well.
    Ive done a full paint correction on the car and repainted bumpers.
    strip, clay bar, IPA wipe, chip scratch fixes, wetsand, compound cut and DA polish, IPA wipe.......
    Then I decided to try out Cquartzuk3.

    I did first coat, waited 48 hours and did a second coat, waited 48 hours and did a coat of reload diluted 1-1 with distilled water.

    I was forced to drive the car 48 hours after reload application when my work van gave me issues. It was severely raining that day. The next day it was sunny and noticed huge amounts of streaking and flashed hologram looking spots and suspect it was the reload.

    Car looked amazing in my garage , I have 20-30 high output LED shop light bulbs and thought the lighting would be more than adequate but never really seen the car outdoors in the sun untill after the day it downpoured allday.
    From the rain ive picked up some dust all over the car. I was thinking maybe try to wash the car with a small amount of reset in a 3g bucket but the CQUK has only been curing for around 4 days. I need to try to correct the reload without stripping the CQUK.
    I did put the 2nd CQUK coat on pretty thick and did 2-3 panels before wiping off with new MF and then went back over whole car with MF when done.... I noticed 2 small thick spots on fender lip before reload but other than those it looked great and amazing so I think reload was the problem. I applied it to a MF 3-4 sprays per panel dilluted 1:1..... Maybe i didnt buff off enough???

    Sorry....all this will sound like bable unless youve done a ceramic coating

    Any help or suggestions?
    All I have on hand is carpro reload, reset, and mothers QD that came with claybar kit. Well I have my DA and compounds and polish but pray I dont have to go that route :confused:
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    If streaking is from Reload, may wanna try wiping down with a towel wet with hot water followed by a dry towel.

    Have had luck with that removing SiO2 spray streaks w other similar products.
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    I have great lighting in my garage and when I applied it in there it looked fantastic. Once I pulled it outside I could notice the rainbow effect high spots in some areas like rear louvers. Still looks decent. Im going to wait awhile and try to polish it down a bit.


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