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Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by 07 Boss, Jun 9, 2021 at 6:05 PM.

  1. 07 Boss

    07 Boss Senior Member

    So apparently my AC is working properly but the air coming into the car is warm. Which actuator controls the air between the ac and heat? Can I just move the arm manually to the cold side for a quick fix until I get a chance to replace the actuator?
  2. Lannyl81

    Lannyl81 Junior Member

    This is a "I believe" answer; drop the glove box down, straight back to the firewall there is an actuator lying flat on top of the fan housing.
  3. datmbn

    datmbn forum member

    No that one is for recirkulation of air
    the one you are looking for is the lower one on passenger side of the heat box
    This one dont have an leveling arm but just an hole with splines .
  4. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    My write up will answer your questions:

    Your problem is this:

    3. Temperature blend door actuator on passenger side behind the center console (lower) (Motorcraft part no. YH 1865).

    There's no swing arm for that one but you can use a short flat blade screwdriver to turn the cogwheel towards the cold side. It'll work fine while you're waiting for the new actuator. I bought mine from Rockauto. It's an easy fix.
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  5. Lannyl81

    Lannyl81 Junior Member

    Oh yeah...recirculate...forgot about that one. The blend door will rotate on its own when the actuator is removed. I do not know if this is the warm or cold position though.
  6. 07 Boss

    07 Boss Senior Member

    Thanks guys, I gotta make some room in the garage but I'll have to get something done this weekend. Gonna be 109* next week.
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