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Discussion in '2011+ Mustang GT 5.0L Tech' started by massacre, Oct 7, 2018.

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    I have a 2006 v6 with high mileage but is in great shape and still runs well. It’s on its second transmission now and the motor is getting tired. I put GT500 front control arms, new steering rack, new struts etc.
    Car already has 8.8 rearend with Team Z rear suspension, in anticipation of this swap.

    I see some sites have Coyote drive trains for sale. They come on a pallet with everything needed to run. PATS is removed and comes with ECM and all harnesses, etc.
    I know the newer Coyotes are a little better than the older ones, but it seems like 2010-2014 Coyote might be an easier swap, due to computer differences?
    I plan on installing a tubular K member which I am hoping will take care of any exhaust clearance issues. Car is an auto so I either need to get some pedals/slave cylinder etc, or figure out how to run the newer auto trans. I want the wife to drive the car too so would like to stay auto if possible. I see Ford sells relocation brackets for P/S and A/C. I’m guessing I would need the Ford control pack to run the engine?

    I have done many swaps but nothing this new. I’m guessing I would need at least a new fuel pump and would upgrade the radiator.

    I figure someone here has to have done this swap by now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I heard about a splice of the can bus at the obd-2 port, anyone have pics?
    I want to pull the trigger on this but want to be a little more sure of what I am getting myself into here before I order expensive motor and trans.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    So after looking around, it appears that I may have posted this thread in the wrong section.

    My apologies sorry about that my bad.
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    Honestly, the biggest issue is passing smog/emission testing. If you need to stay emissions legal, your only option is a factory PCM with PATS deleted. The Ford control pack does NOT have the emissions monitors enabled, so I will not pass smog testing. Also, the control pack program does not have cruise control.

    Power steering: you can install EPAS. I purchased a new battery harness for a '13 GT. I needed the harness for the rear O2 wiring, and it has the EPAS wiring. But I kept the hydraulic steering.

    Exhaust: I have no issues with the stock K member clearing stock 2013 GT exhaust.

    Trans: I have no first hand experience on the auto trans (mine is manual), but if you go with a factory auto PCM and use the factory GT engine/trans harness, I don't see why it couldn't be done.

    A/C & cooling: I purchased a new radiator and condenser for a 2013. It fit perfectly. I had a custom low pressure A/C hose made to go from the V6 dryer to the coyote A/C compressor.

    ABS/Traction control if you have it, may present a programming/configuration challenge. (My car does not have ABS)

    You didn't state how you plan on connecting the coyote to the existing wiring. I chose the more difficult way of repining C175B connector wires and kept the factory V6 body harness. The wiring took the longest, and is the most tedious work.

    LOL, yea, this will get moved to "hardcore motor swaps"
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  3. stkjock

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    OP - Yes this swap has been done, if you search the site, you'll find a few threads on it at minimum

    moved, it's not a hardcore swap IMO, as it's still a current gen swap.
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  4. massacre

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    Thanks guys for your helpful responses! I was going to keep hydro steering if possible. I was going to get drivetrain from parts farm where they send you everything on a pallet and you can start the engine and run it right on the pallet. Which is great don’t get me wrong, but getting it to run in the car is going to be the tough part.
  5. massacre

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    So I am getting back into this, seems like I might run the epas if possible
  6. Dino Dino Bambino

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