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Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by stang_gang, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. stang_gang

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    Hey guys I'm looking for anyone in the DFW area that has the lisle tool that would be willing to help me change my sparks plugs. I'm newer to cars and it frightens me to break things in the block.
  2. 06GT-Red

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    Am not in the DFW area and do not have the Lisle tool. But I am changing the spark plugs in my 06 GT with 116,000 miles. I have had this car for 7 months. The original plugs were/are still in it. I have more or less followed Ford TSB 08-7-6 so far. Others on the forum do not think much of this TSB. Five plugs came out just fine. I may have rushed the last three, regrettably. These last three spin easily in a counter-clockwise direction, but will not come out so far. They seem to tighten easily too, as I turn them back and forth. Use of the Lisle tool may be in my future ( I am in the Fort Wayne, IN area). If you choose the TSB 08-7-6 path, patience and judicious use of a good carb cleaner seem to be keys to success. Autolite has a YouTube video about spark plug removal for our engines that you may find helpful.
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    I've changed numerous sets of plugs in the 3v heads by using an impact gun to remove them. Never had one break. It helps to have the engine warm too.

    If you do break one, many auto parts stores have loaner tools (the lisle tool) you can use to get the broken plug out.

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    I highly recommend the Lisle tool. I broke 4 of 8, and they all broke in different ways...some cracked in half, some had the hex come off...
    I soaked PB Blaster overnight, warmed the engine, all that stuff too. The Lisle was a lifesaver. And don't worry about plugs falling into the heads. They're tapered so they won't fall in.
    All in all, it wasn't a difficult job, just took a little more time.
  5. 06GT-Red

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    My Lisle 65700 kit is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Went ahead and bought the thing since I enjoy the older S197s. Besides other members of my local club might need one sometime. Looking forward to wrapping up my plug change out, with Champion 7989s. Replacing old COPs too. Hopefully, the OP will be encouraged.
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    Brenspeed has a shop in Ceder Hill, been down there 4-5 times, 972-637-4435, they have done a lot of work on my 05 GT, look them up on your computer, they have an add in the Mustang Mag also, Cliff is a great Mechanic, a lot of the car's he works on are race car's