Drag suspension handeling on the street

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  1. CreamOnTheCob

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    Hello, I am debating going to a more drag friendly suspension (bmr drag springs and viking shocks) but curious to that setup or similar setups street mannerisms. Currently I have koni yellows all around and eibach springs. I dont visit the track that much and spend more time street driving as it is my daily except winter time. I do like off/on ramps at speed, curves, and quicker maneuvers around others. Would the drag springs and vikings take away from being able to make quick moves at above legal speeds or any adverse corner handeling? Car is a twin turbo 700rwhp/610tq. On track I would pair it with 15in and a MT tire, street is 18in toyo r888r. I already have control arms w/mounts on the car also. Thanks!

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  2. Sactown

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    IMO if you don't track the car much, I wouldn't change anything, handling and comfort are more important on the street.
  3. skwerl

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    Removing my front torsion bar was probably the biggest factor in me totaling my 2009 Bullitt. Leave it on and hooked up for street use. Disconnect one side on track night, then hook it back up.
  4. fdjizm

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    How so? I've had my FSB off for almost 10 years now and didn't notice it being gone.
  5. CreamOnTheCob

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    I don't really care about the comfort aspect of suspension only really the performance. I have heard of disconnecting the bar for track days and wouldn't be opposed to it. Anyone use drag suspension setup on street and do any off/on ramps or weaving at speed? I just dont want to make the car less agile for the majority of my driving, although I keep my shenanigans on open straights mostly anyways. I wouldn't run skinnies up front which I know hinder the car a bunch. Thanks again!

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  6. 06StangGT

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    My car isn't a daily but when it is driven, I run Strange adjustables and Viking crusaders on BMR drag springs all around. 17x4.5 fronts and 15x10 rears. The directions tell ya not to street drive them unless the settings are both at zero, so I can't contest to how well it would perform on the "off/on ramps" All of my schenanigans are done in straight lines.
  7. jewc75

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    I run no swaybars and a ARB on the street. Its not much different to me.
  8. CreamOnTheCob

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    Seems like it shouldn't be a big deal if I switch suspension over. I appreciate the input guys! If I do the switch I will update just incase others are curious, and include some non linear play data =]

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