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Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by 07 Boss, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. 07 Boss

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    So this is the second time I’ve gotten this message in as many weeks. Gauge goes to zero and my message center displays this for 10-20 seconds then things go back to normal.


    Both times it has happened during normal driving and between 1/2 and 3/4 of a tank.

    Can anyone tell me what the message is telling me and what my next course of action should be?
  2. Macman45

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    Do you have a custom tune? If so try reflashing back to stock and reload the custom tune.
  3. 01yellerCobra

    01yellerCobra forum member

    This is a common problem. It's an issue with the sending unit or the wiring. Some are lucky and only need to swap the sending unit. Others need to look into the wiring. There should be some posts about it.

    It's not tune related.
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  4. 07 Boss

    07 Boss forum member

    Will it cause any issues besides the gauge reading empty?
  5. Vallee

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    Mine did this once last summer. I noticed it was hard to start too. I turned the car off and restarted it, hasn't done it since.
  6. 01yellerCobra

    01yellerCobra forum member

    In my case it caused a contact check engine light and a very annoyed wife. It would chime every time it read 0. I think the worst I had was 5 times in less than a mile. Also the car would act up. It would run rough and sputter a little.
  7. 07 Boss

    07 Boss forum member

    So I should swap out the sending unit?

    I did notice the other day that one of the wires going into the module in the spare tire well looked like it could be pulled out of the connector plug. At least I thought it looked like there was some extra bare wire. I could just be imagining it because I’m looking for something. Anyways my trunk panel sags because there is no spare in it. My golf clubs/bag and other crap in my trunk could be banging on the pump module since it sits exposed. I always thought about moving that thing but it’s not very high up on my list. Either way I’ll check that first before I start digging at the tank. I hate that Ford couldn’t line the access holes with what they’re supposed to access.

    Is the sending unit different on the gt500 unit as the stock single unit?
  8. 01yellerCobra

    01yellerCobra forum member

    I swapped out the sending unit itself and it seemed to work for awhile. But eventually started acting up again. I figured the whole module needed to be replaced, but I never tried it. I'm not sure about any differences between the GT and GT500 sending units. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will pop in.

    I do remember some people recommended running a cleaner like the Chevron Techron stuff in a couple tanks. I guess it worked for some. But I wasn't that lucky.
  9. Juice

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    The tank unit is wired to the SJB.
    The SJB sends fuel level info to the guage/cluster over the CAN bus.
    The cluster sends fuel level info over the CAN bus to the pcm, it is the pcm that does the distance to empty calculations. It could be an SJB issue. Assuming we are talking about an 07 here from your screen name.
  10. 07 Boss

    07 Boss forum member

    So just an update. It flashed a couple more times that week and then I never saw it again. I keep waiting for it to rear its head but it has disappointed me. Wonder why it hasn't come up again. 4-5 times within about a week and then nothing. I'm confused. Any conjectures?
  11. Bingo

    Bingo Because street car S197 Team Member

    Have you gotten any check engine lights? I've been getting P0461 (fuel level sensor circuit range/performance) pretty regularly. It seemed to start after I tried loading it onto a trailer and had it at a pretty steep nose-up angle, but I'm not sure if it's the cause. I'm thinking it's the sender, but I haven't dug too deeply into it.

    I've also had that cowl leak that caused my SJB to freak out and give me no electronics until it dried out. Now I have daytime running lights full time.

    Would it hesitate/bog while shifting?
  12. c0op3r

    c0op3r Member

    I am getting an error that is similar after I changed to the GT500 Dual fuel pump kit, but I am 100% sure I did something wrong as I was also leaking fuel today after putting in about 6 gallons. So its back to opening the system up and checking my work. Doh!