Finishline performance - milford, ohio

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by redfirepearlgt, Mar 18, 2017.

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    What a great group of people. Its always a great experience dealing with people who know their trade, and believe in quality work along with standing by their work. Brian Campbell the owner goes to the extreme to make sure the job is done right by his people. he goes equally as far in backing his work and being more than fair. Brandon, Jason, Ray, Brandy, Wade and the whole group are great people to deal with. If you are in the SE Ohio area check these guys out. They are the other half of Team Beefcake Racing.

    Tuning, High Performance mods, turbo kit and SC installs, drive line, suspension, engine rebuilds, or just a simple brake job, they do it and you are treated the same whether you come in for a $10,000 performance upgrade or a simple axle back exhaust install.

    These guys have never let me down. I'm not one to slap stickers all over my car, but I do confidently display theirs.
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    100% agree with all you said, great guys that do great work. Will not hesitate to go back for my next mod, or to have car Dyno'ed.