Fresh 20x10.5 XXR 521 Squared setup with 275/35zr20's

Discussion in 'Pimpin' It!' started by xxsurvivalism, Apr 21, 2021.

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    Definitely not a huge fan of the wheels that came on the car when I got it. Tragically late 2000's haha. I spent months of doing research on backspacing and width and wheel size. I was originally going to go with 18's, but i have a nasty steep driveway and if I lost an inch of height, it would high-center the car in the driveway haha. I'm surprised it even made it up the driveway when I brought it home.

    Anyways, I was told by numerous S197 enthusiasts that this 'ridiculous to some, glorious to others' setup I want would definitely not work with the +30 offset at 10.5" wide.... retarded gamble, but I got them anyways haha. Installed yesterday with aluminium hub-centric rings. Got a decent deal on the gloss black with gold rivets. Ordered black rivets a month prior and swapped them out. The gold 'rivets' were popped in plastic. The black rivets are aluminium and came with lock nuts... which make me a little nervous, adding 80 freakin' lock nuts to your wheels? Sketchy to me, but they're perfectly balanced and ride incredibly smooth so.... I dunno haha.

    I absolutely love the outcome, it's exactly what I pictured in my head. Took it on the freeway early this morning, hit some 'loopty on-ramps' at speed, TRYING to get the tires to rub, pushing it pretty good. Couldn't get them to rub during hard corning, hard acceleration, bumps, etc. Smoooooth ride.

    I picked the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus All-Seasons for a few reasons. It does rain up here in the PNW. I don't drive my S197 in snow or rain but random downpours happen. The price point was pretty great as well and I like the tread pattern. And paying attention to the inflated width due to the fairly extreme offset, they're slightly less wide than other 275's.

    I know, I know... to some, I probably 'ruined a perfectly good Mustang' to some. Probably most haha. But to each their own! This is my dream car, I've had this vision in my head for years. And it turned out exactly like I wanted it to. I've seen worse haha.










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    It's your vision. IMHO looks good. I'd say congratulations!
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    I'm a big fan of the widebody look (generally fully molded vs the bolt-on "Rocket Bunny" look, although some of those are growing on me).
    Long way of saying, I like the general look you are going for (the black rivets a HUGE improvement, IMO).
    My set-up I referred to in your other post was due to necessity. While in Texas I was looking for a cold weather setup for the couple months we dipped below the safe range for summer tires and like you, why not get the benefit of a square setup for looks and tire rotation life? Price drove my decision as it was a "winter setup" only, but since installing them, I haven't had the summer tires back on!
    I too went with 275/35's but using typically the front wheel sizing, as I scored a set of new (NOS) Shelby's clearance priced by Drake, a supplier to Shelby. Shipped for under $450, new (not blems) in original Shelby boxes. Mine are 20x9's, 30mm offset, so I don't have the "poke" you have up front. The backs are just within the wheel wells. No poke, but close!

    In the pics I swapped out the red Shelby center caps and if you look closely, you will see I have photo-shopped out the rivets on the back wheels as I plan to change the chrome to black, like you did.


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