FS: ESS (Oakley) eyewear, UTG Riser, Wolff Springs

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    Hello all,
    I know we have some shooters here in the forum, so I have some extra things that someone could use. They're very lightly used, or just taken out of the box. I'll note the condition in the description.

    1. ESS (Oakley) Crossbow Suppressor with HD copper lenses. Ever get the frame of your shooting glasses dig into your head when wearing earpro, giving you a bad headache? These have a very flat frame, and it makes life much more comfortable. I have a pair of the clear lens and they are awesome. Included is the glasses and an elastic strap to hold them in place if needed. I lost the cleaning cloth. Never used, only opened box.**$40.00**

    2. UTG Riser - 0.83 inches. Perfect for AR users with the TRS-25. Will obviously work with plenty of other sights and red dots. Used for one session, then realized I have an astigmatism, and switched out for prism scope. **SOLD**

    3. Wolff springs for Ruger LCP and LCP2. Extra power recoil spring, firing pin spring, and magazine spring. Helped solve the infamous weak Ruger recoil issue, causing cycle issues. Used for about 50 rounds, but sold the gun to someone who wanted it put back to factory condition. **SOLD**

    Prices are firm. No additional paypal fees. Shipping is free to the CONUS. I use UPS air shipping, so you should get you items in 1 business day. IMAG0198.jpg IMAG0199.jpg IMAG0200.jpg
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