Fuel Pump Issues

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Shawn Fellows, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Shawn Fellows

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    Have an 05 GT heavily modified, with GT500 dual pump system. Car will crank and drive at times. Then fuel pump shuts off and car dies. Sometimes can wait a few minutes or sometimes its hours before the pump will work again. Already tried to replace both the FPCM, also swapped out the relays under the hood, PCM#1, PCM#2, and Fuel pump relay.
    Any suggestions?

  2. golkhl

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    Bad ground?
  3. saleen836

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    Sounds very similar to problems I had running GT500 dual pumps in my supercharged Saleen, car would be fine for days/weeks then would suddenly just not fire, leave it a few hours try again and it would fire and run as if nothing happened, replaced the FPDM's checked all connections/wiring couldn't find a fault, was out driving one day came off a roundabout and car just had no power then died, it did re start but lumpy idle and a soon as I pressed the gas pedal it would die, transported the car home removed the pumps re installed the standard pump and added a Kenne Bell BAP and not had a problem since in the 6 years since doing so
  4. eighty6gt

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    pumps are ground switched via FPDM.

    check for 12+ at the power supply to both pumps, comes straight from the forward relays.

    check for ground supply to FPDM.

    Could also be a dead pump!
  5. 06monera96

    06monera96 LeShawno

    This is a long shot but
    The relay in the BEC likes to get hot and the blade pin beneath the plastic would start to spread further than tolerance.
    Once it heats up 1 of the legs on the relay would lose contact thus turning off the injectors and pump.

    The 2nd issue would be corrosion at the connectors by the passenger kick panel.
    I found that water leaks down from 2different spots ( window cowl and fender into the wire loom and start corrosion at this connector)

    The 3rd issue could be that the wiring has started to "rub" against the fuel tank on the left side and you may have lost ground, or return feed to pcm.

    Last PATS is killing fuel pump for some odd reason (pats not sensing key)
  6. Hellionturbo

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    Hey Shawn did you figure out what the problem was?
  7. 06StangGT

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    For those who had problems with the GT500 dual pump setup, were you using the GT500 pumps or aftermarket pumps?