GT Throttle Body on a 3.7

Discussion in '2015+ S550 Mustang 3.7L Tech' started by Benwhite911, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Benwhite911

    Benwhite911 V6'ing & Dealing With It S197 Team Member

    I was reviewing a list of modifications someone had made to there 2015 3.7, and one of the was a the throttle body. He claimed to have installed a GT Throttle body on his V6, and I wanted to get a consensus on whether or not that's possible.
  2. Benwhite911

    Benwhite911 V6'ing & Dealing With It S197 Team Member

    So I found out that it is possible. I ended up buying a used 2011-14 GT throttle body, adapter, and CAI setup off of someone on another forum. It did give me a little more low end kick, right up til it threw a hard check engine light and went into limp mode. So after putting it back to stock and letting the dealer rest it, I decided to just adapt the CAI to the stock throttle body. Not as much kick, but no check engine lights.
  3. travelers

    travelers Senior Member

    You need a tune to make that work.
  4. dre256

    dre256 forum member

    Don't waste your money having a dealership reset the CEL, should clear its self after a few drive cycles. Auto Zone isn't supposed to clear a code but if you ask them some of them will. But I would think after a few drive cycles it will clear its self.

    On the GT throttle body a flash tune may not correct for the GT throttle body as that probably is not a common mod. You would have to ask the tuner you would use that question. You probably would need a dyno tune to dial it in.
  5. 702GT

    702GT S197 Fanatic

    Even if you do swap TB's, even GT's make very little gains from bigger TB's NA. Unless the 3.7 has a poorly sized TB, a GT won't net you any gains worth the cost of a tune. CAI either. For a V6, I'd recommend HF cats or O/R pipe, gears (4.10's) and a tune. The tune is going to free up all the power, the parts are minimal gains. Gears won't free up power, but the seat of the pants feel and ET will improve. Personally, I'd forget all that and just go straight to a conservative turbo kit. DIY or off the shelf kit, something small and snappy. Still keep the efficiency of the V6, have V8-like power on tap.
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