GT450 Stage III Complete Tuner Kit $4395

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    Department Of Boost GT450 Stage III Tuner kit

    Make 450-650 Rear Wheel Horsepower

    Kits starting at $4395


    You can supercharge your 2005-2010 Mustang GT for far, far less money than any other option out there.

    Features and Specifications:

    -Tested and proven (over 150 of these combinations are already on the road/track)
    -Best horsepower/ dollar ratio of any modification available
    -USES OEM GT500 Roots Improved blower for cool running and bulletproof reliability
    -OEM drivability
    -Biggest/best flowing intercooler in the industry for unrivaled performance
    -Complete installation instructions available
    -Optional boost levels
    -Uses mostly OEM parts for unrivaled reliability and parts accessibility
    -As easy or easier to install than the other blower kits available for the 2005-2010 Mustang GT
    -Billet construction
    -O-ring sealing. No messy sealants/RTV’s
    -Easy intercooler fitting/port access

    The Stage III Tuner kit includes:

    -Billet aluminum intake manifold with intragal intercooler
    -Take off OEM GT500 supercharger and elbow
    -Take off OEM GT500 throttle body
    -Take off OEM GT500 cold air intake/air filter/MAF housing
    -Billet aluminum alternator brackets
    -Billet aluminum thermostat housing
    -Billet aluminum fuel rail spacers
    -Billet aluminum quick change snout pulley and hub
    -Fasteners required to install the manifold and supercharger
    -NEW 47lb/hr GT500 fuel injectors
    -Take off OEM GT500 heat exchanger
    -NEW GT500 intercooler water pump
    -NEW Intercooler degass bottle
    -NEW Walbro 405lph High flow fuel pump
    -NEW S&H Performance fuel pump wiring upgrade kit
    -Idler pulleys
    -Intake air temp sensor
    -Hoses and clamps
    -Wiring supplies


    What is needed to complete the installation?:

    Not very much.

    You will need some standard shop supplies that if you don’t have you can pick up at any auto parts store.
    You will need a tuner and a tune.


    The standard kit is $4395

    -Add $130 for 2005-2006 GT’s because they need to convert to the 2007+ cooling system.
    -Add $100 for 2010 GT’s because they need 2005-2009 intake gaskets/O-rings.
    -Add $30 for a Frankentensioner hardware kit.
    -Add $80 for a complete Frankentensioner belt tensioner kit.
    -Add $400 for an oversized Afco heat exchanger

    What is the difference between a “tuner kit” and the other kits I see available?

    In this case “tuner kit” for the most part means that you (or your tuner) are responsible for tuning. We do not condone the use of “canned” tunes in supercharged situations. Some kits come with tunes. To do this safely the tune you get with other kits is very, very soft and doesn’t make nearly the power it can safely. We feel that kits that come with tunes still need to be tuned on the dyno (or remote tuned). In the case of other kits this means you end up paying for a tune twice. Once with the kit, and once when you get it tuned correctly.

    But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your car will not run. In fact you can drive you car with no tune. You have to do it under certain conditions (don’t get into the boost), but it can be done. We ourselves and customers have driven their cars up to 500mi to their tuner with no tune and no adverse effects. You just have to be smart about it.

    The other part of “tuner kit” is that you will not get every last little shop supply (coolant, Lock Tite, zip tie, etc) and fastener with the kit. There is just no way to foresee all of your particular needs and know what you already have on hand. That said anything you may need is available at your local auto parts store for very little money.

    Installation and Tech Support:

    Complete installation instructions available

    In addition to that there is Department Of Boost staff and the core group of Department Of Boost customers that are effectively available 24/7 to fill in the few blanks you may have on this very forum.

    It’s probably fair to say that with the combination of the instructions and the number of previous customers that are willing to lend tech support the Department Of Boost manifold/supercharger kit is supported as well if not better than other blower kits (try getting XYZ blower company to answer the phone on a Saturday!).
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