Mustang Forscan and ELM327 connection

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  1. LarryJM

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    This is somewhat complicated stuff. The Forscan program that lets you read and talk to the cluster and PCM. To download Forscan is simple enough. They have their own web site and to keep things simple, you need to stay on that web site to get all the software you need. You will need a ELM327 connection which is available on Ebay or Amazon from $15 to $50. I got the $15 one. You must also download a free license. Only one license per computer. I tested this on a desktop and a laptop. I needed two separate licenses as each license is tied to each computer by a hardware number.

    So after a day of fooling around with this I finally got it to work. This will allow me to change the ABS from Base wheels and brakes code 016A to Brembo wheels and brakes code 056E

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  2. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    Has been out for years. I have used it multiple times. I got the lifetime license for 50.00 to gain full access.
  3. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member

    Yes but Forscan will tell you the free license for 2 months and the lifetime has the same access. The issue for most people is actually getting this to work without much instruction. Even the dealers are fuzzy on how this works. My intention is to change the ABS to Brembo and the Dash to Track Apps. Also to make a key or two.
  4. 07gts197

    07gts197 forum member

    Go to the forscan forum and look it up.

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  5. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member


    Yes in deed. It's not exactly clear on having both a laptop and desktop with the Forscan program. The purchased software lets you do that. The free software does not. That is not clear on the Forum. For sure, there does not seem there is much info or interest in Forscan with this forum.
  6. 07gts197

    07gts197 forum member

    There’s not really a point in having forscan on a desktop since it isn’t portable. And, to be fair, there aren’t many parameters that are commonly adjusted on our cars so it’s not a well covered topic. Besides that’s the point of having the Forscan forum.

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  7. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member

    The only saving grace being on this forum, it is a MUSTANG program as useless as it might be.
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  8. Nicholas G

    Nicholas G Junior Member

    I used the same thing to change my cluster to track apps, you need to make sure you have 2 keys unless you can’t program just a heads up
  9. 13v6

    13v6 Member

    If you have a '13 or '14 Mustang, track apps will automatically be there once you install the new cluster. There is nothing to do for that. There are some good youtube videos to walk you through a new cluster install.

    I didn't know there were any changes needed to change to Brembo brakes. What's different, as far as ABS is concerned?
  10. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member

    For some reason people feel compelled to reset the ABS code when they install the Track Apps Cluster. There are about 10 codes. The two of interest for me are the Base Code of 016A and the Brembo Code of 056E. Only Ford seems to know what the difference might be.

    I am not even sure you need to change the PATS if the keys to the Track Apps Cluster come with the cluster. You just need to change the blade and have it cut to the standard keys.
  11. xeninworx

    xeninworx Member

    I don’t think you need to change anything for the brakes. I mean they sell it as a kit and there isn’t anything in the instructions saying you need to do anything more than do the brake swap. It’s probably just to designate between non Brembo and Brembo cars. From what I understand, Forscan is just turning things on and off using 1s and 0s, which is binary code. Also adjusting tire size.

    I’m having a hard time googling what can be done for a 13-14 S197. I know there’s not much but hard to find a list.
  12. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member

    That is exactly why this post. For those people who say, "Just Look it UP", well it not exactly common knowledge on the web. Later today I might post the complete list of "As Built" codes for ABS and what they mean.
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  13. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member

    ABS Module 760-01-01 AS BUILT Codes for 2011 to 2014 Mustangs.

    016A Regular
    056E Brembo
    85EE Track Package
    066F Vert Brembo
    026A Vert Regular
    218A Boss
    0972 Shelby
    41AA Boss LS

    Now why this is so is anyone's guess.
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  14. _E85

    _E85 Junior Member

    LarryJM, What else are you trying to do with FORSCAN? I have an '11 GT and used forscan to:
    * added a reverse camera to the factory SYNC display
    * program two new PATS keys after I had a locksmith cut them (also added the one original I had as an extra)
    As you probaly already know, forscan can be used to run some diagnostic tests and read fault codes. It wouldn't reset my passanger occupancy sensor, I had to buy a foxwell OBD tool for that. -Ken
  15. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member

    Mostly to add a Track Apps Cluster and program new keys. I do have a bead on a complete premium dash with Track Apps Cluster and Shaker radio with keys although I have not purchased that yet. He wants about $500 for it. I do have Sync I now. Next is to have the Boss Rear Sway bar installed. I do not intend to swap out the dash but rather cherry pick items off the premium dash.
  16. xeninworx

    xeninworx Member

    This is what I got for my 2014 MCA V6. I’m assuming I’d have to cross reference what these do with other Fords.

    7A6-01-01 2500 12B0 20B6
    7A6-01-02 00B0
    7A6-02-01 00B0
    7B7-01-01 1062 4480 F6
    7B7-02-01 0100 0000 C2
    7B7-03-01 0100 0000 C3
    7B7-04-01 8500 0000 48
    7B7-05-01 253A 0C00 2F
    7B7-06-01 6400 0000 29
    7B7-07-01 1101 0101 DA
    7D0-01-01 800C 8000 00E5
    7D0-02-01 0343 4100 0061
    7D0-03-01 0000 0000 00DB
    701-01-01 808A
    720-01-01 F798 EF61 08
    720-02-01 FA0E 0000 32
    726-01-01 0A0A 43
    726-02-01 03C0 2020 0033
    726-03-01 03C0 F4
    726-04-01 0A3C
    726-05-01 040C 43
    726-06-01 0000 34
    726-07-01 2505 5F
    726-08-01 1305 0A58
    726-09-01 E000 17
    726-10-01 8008 0000 00C6
    726-10-02 0000 0000 003F
    726-10-03 0000 0000 0040
    726-10-04 0000 41
    726-11-01 1400 53
    727-01-01 0614 908A 6CD0
    727-01-02 0C3D
    727-02-01 2E5F
    727-03-01 1446
    727-04-01 0033
    727-05-01 0007 2F57 5B1C
    727-05-02 765B 572F 0793
    727-06-01 000A 3335 5C03
    727-06-02 645C 3533 0A68
    727-07-01 000A 3335 5C04
    727-07-02 645C 3533 0A69
    727-08-01 8308 1A3C 021A
    727-08-02 161F 4B4F 7C83
    727-08-03 7002 161F 4B2B
    727-08-04 0913 3373 807C
    727-08-05 2109 1333 731E
    727-08-06 081A 3C4F 7861
    730-01-01 013A
    737-01-01 315A 5642 50B3
    737-01-02 3841 4D33 457F
    737-01-03 3533 3037 394A
    737-01-04 3033 A6
    737-02-01 C700 0000 08
    760-01-01 016A
  17. Charly

    Charly Junior Member

    This may be a silly question but, as I have never heard of the FORSCAN, is there any risk to a custom tune if you hook up FORSCAN.
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  18. AztroRover

    AztroRover Junior Member

    Hi Guys,
    New to forscan also and I originally got it to modify my nav system screen and activate some options, only to find out my mustang 06, V6 Conv. W/PP, does not have a IPIM to modify our oem nav systems. -Oh well, mine mustang did not come with a [Info-Set up-reset] buttons on the console that show the trip compute so I purchased the button set and installed it as the plug tail was behind the dash plate. Trying to activate it using forscan but not finding the correct values. I did find a value for taking the instrument cluster from a base to a premium, but it is for a Canadian model mustang - I am afraid I will end up with Kilometers and not miles so I am holding off. I will continue to search for values for a US model. Doing more research, also found this google dock, below, put together by the F-150 guys/gals, just looking through it I see that they list codes for a convertible? A Convertible F-150? -I think not, leading me to believe these codes are Ford standards. Thanks for posting, the information is useful for becoming more familiar with what you can do with forscan.
    It's completely free, you buy your own OBD scanner ($15 bucks)
    @Charly, Just connecting it will not do anything but give you your cars values. Forscan won't do anything on its own. You have to physically type in new values yourself then tell it apply (write) them to your car. It also gives you the option to save the old values to bring it back to stock at anytime. ... =338817466
  19. Juice

    Juice forum member

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