OEM Boss 302 side exit exhaust - fits 2011-2014 GT - local pickup in CT

Discussion in 'Mustang Parts For Sale' started by mrgtx, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. mrgtx

    mrgtx forum member

    This OEM exhaust assembly, part number M-5220-MB was discontinued long ago and I worked pretty hard to save up for and buy this set and it turned out to be the best mod I ever did to my 2011 GT. It created the absolute perfect exhaust note and volume. If it would fit on my S550, it would be installed already!

    Functionally, it's in perfect condition, cosmetically, it's shows a little bit of tarnish but could be cleaned up if you were so inclined.

    Install is a snap. If you can get under your car and own a set of wrenches, you can handle this one on your own. All clamps and bolts that you will need are here.

    I'm located in CT, I'd be happy to meet within a reasonable radius.
    Asking $800 before I put them up on Ebay.

    Drop me a PM with any questions.

    Mustang Boss 302 exhaust.jpg
  2. MastaWayne

    MastaWayne Junior Member

    Hi, are these still available?
    And are you willing to sell just the side pipes?
  3. WNYGT5-0

    WNYGT5-0 Member

    I bet he would... for 800. It’s a complete Bolt on kit that’s useless separated.
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  4. cruisin5268d

    cruisin5268d Junior Member

    I'm interested if still available
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