Polish Angel! OH SNAP Shine!!!

Discussion in 'Keeping it Clean' started by UltraKla$$ic, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. cbass

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  2. 28ONE

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    You get your stuff ordered? Boisy listed everything that's need as far as PA Cosmic. Sounds like you need to compound though - really depends how bad your swirls are. Can you post some pics? I personally like:

    Menzerna FG400 - Compound
    Menzerna SF4000 - Polish
  3. ford20

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    ***** ....


    It's bad .... It hasn't been washed once since August 2014 soooooooooo


    I would have to wash the layer of filth off before I could even see any swirls I think. I am going to wash it this weekend though and claybar it so I will get some better pictures then.

    Edit: I should say it has been detailed since August. That was when I did the correction on it.
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  4. kona302

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    So first time doing this type of work, corrected and prepped my paint. I must say the primer is legit. It took out what the VSS couldn't and looks super good. Polish angel stuff is amazing. Did the color coded cosmic and threw on two layers.

    One question, as far as quick detailers or waterless wash. What can spray to clean the surface to apply my Autox magnets?

    And as far as maintenance goes, a proper two bucket hand wash?

    Thanks guys
  5. 28ONE

    28ONE Senior Member

    I prefer Meguiar's D114 Rinseless Wash and Wolfgang Detail Spritz for a QD - I've tried them all lol

    Yes 2 bucket wash...
  6. 2011/5.0

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    Bumping up an old thread here as I just did a buddy's 99 lightning with the new v2 cosmic.
    Heavy swirled paint.
    Cut and compounded with adapt,finish polish with PA invincible primer,then 2 coats of cosmic v2.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. thailand

    thailand forum member

    Looks fantastic! Great job on that...reminds me that I have some paint TLC to do now...
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