S550 seats in S197

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  1. driver and passenger seat schematics

    Screenshot (1).png Screenshot (2).png
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    So, what's the final word. I am tired of my 07 seats breaking my back. I have the opportunity to buy some 2015 seats. Muha ha ha ha
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    I’ve had them installed and got the power working to each seat. Love them
  4. well lets see some pics mmmmaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn !!!
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    Good to hear. Is there anything you can provide me as far as pictures on how you modded the seat mount, or did the electrical diagrams sportin provided work, or tips? :)

    I am going to tackle this same thing next. I bought the 2015 front and back seats out of a roush. Man are they comfortable and look way cooler. I scored some door panels off of a 2011 to 2014 gt too.

    Edit: just realized yours is newer than 2009 huh. Well i got the seats now. Here's to hoping.
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    jkoogler, could you please elaborate on how you did this? Any pictures at all? I am guessing you had to run some of your own wire if you were short any power wires. I took a power probe a few minutes ago and gathered the info from my 07 below.

    I am assuming I will have swap some wires around, etc to get my passenger seat to mate right up and supply power to the right locations. I doubt I will be able to get the heated and cooling portion to work without more research. However, if I can get the 6 way power adjustment to work on the passenger side I'll be stoked. Then I can work on the driver side and likely swap the wiring harness or motors or something.

    Connector on 2007 car side/passenger (not a power seat)
    #1 no wire
    #2 black/blue stripe _ gnd_off / gnd on
    #3 black/blue stripe _ gnd_off / gnd on
    #4 blue/orange stripe_nothing off / nothing on
    #5 tan/red stripe_nothing off / nothing on
    #6 no wire
    #7 brown/white stripe_nothing off / 3.2v on
    #8 no wire
    #9 no wire
    #10 red/black stripe _ gnd off / 1v and gnd on?
    #11 no wire
    #12 orange/black stripe_nothing off / nothing on
    #13 red/white stripe _ gnd off / 14.4v on
    #14 no wire
    #15 pink_nothing off / 1.6v on
    #16 no wire

    Connector on 2007 Car side/driver side (power seat)
    #1-7 no wires
    #8 black/lt blue_gnd off / gnd on
    #9 black_gnd off / gnd on
    #10 black/lt blue_gnd off / 1v gnd on
    #11 lt green_nothing off / nothing on
    #12 green_13v power off / 14.4v on
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