Sending unit for 05-09 coyote swap issues arising

Discussion in 'Hardcore Tech=*MOTOR SWAPS*' started by Suecra, Jun 27, 2021.

  1. Suecra

    Suecra Junior Member

    So long story short, on my swap for my 2007 I was going to run my stock sending unit with a return bung, I did that but the fuel pump i bought as way to big for the housing and wiring it would have been a little ghetto. I bought a deatschwerks sending unit since its convenient for aftermarket use, and somehow it doesnt fit but it seemed like the internet was certain that 05-09 tanks were the same as 11-14.

    So basically between the pump and the sending unit I'm pretty deep in debt with no solution, its the only thing holding up the project from being done. The sending unit might fit if it was modified but I'm not sure if thats a good idea, I thought about returning it but it seems like they dont do returns. Not really sure where to go from here to make this work, all the 05-09 setups are limited and expensive (Like $1000). Only solution I can think of is maybe putting an 11-14 tank in the car? Might be the best thing to go for.
  2. RED09GT

    RED09GT Equal Opportunity Offender S197 Team Member

    By sending unit, are you talking about the gauge sending unit or are you talking about the fuel hat? Or something else altogether?
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  3. Suecra

    Suecra Junior Member

    The fuel hat.
  4. Juice

    Juice forum member

    Im using the v6 setup, never touched any of it. Just connected the 2 wires at the pcm.
  5. smartass_garage

    smartass_garage Junior Member

    For my LS swap I added a return I had to modify the venturi valve to utilize the 2nd half of the tank that's what the bit of hose is for

    Not sure how the coyote fuel system is setup, I thought it was a return style though I could be wrong
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