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Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Joe2006, Feb 3, 2020.

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    Hi. I am going to change the spark plugs on my 2006 GT. After looking at lots of different ideas on the internet, I would like some current information. Some say leave the engine cold, others say warm it up. Some say put in Ford plugs, others Champion, etc. Should you soak the plugs after you break them loose, or is that not necessary? Also, if the car runs fine, is there any benefit to replacing the coils? Thanks.
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    Please search the sub-forums, as this topic has been discussed time and time again. You'll find plenty of threads that provide all the answers your searching for.
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    +1. Lots of factors affecting whether or not some of your plugs will break. I followed the TSB and went slow. I didn't use an impact. I used PB Blaster overnight and cracked the plugs just a hair in the morning - obviously a cold engine. Waited a few hours, then worked them back and forth. Lots of screeching. None broke. When the plugs were out, I cranked the engine over to blow out any liquid from the engine. Put towels over the holes to keep stuff from blowing all over the engine. I didn't replace the coils. I put 1 piece Champions back in. No problems with them. Good luck.
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    This is how I did my 05 about 4 years ago. Sprayed enough in each hole so the PB was a 1/4” deep. I vacuumed out the plug hole and then blew out with compressed air. No problem.
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    After you get through this I would like to make one suggestion. Pull your plugs occasionally to check and clean them. I do this at least once a year if I'm not racing and quite a bit more when I'm making track passes. First off you can get an idea of how your car is running when you check them. Kinda old school but it's habit. The second great benefit that even if you're using a 2-piece plug you won't have any issues with excessive carbon build up around the barrel of the plug. I've swapped plugs dozens of times without any plug sticking issues because I follow this simple procedure. Part of my regular PM program.
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    Thank you! Is Champion the preferred plug?
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    I wouldn't run champions in my lawn mower. Go with Brisk or Accel if you want to get away from the HT1's or HT0's.