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    I'm going to get ahead of myself a bit.
    Lito just sent me the base files.
    The 86 pulls like my 91 tune.

    Air fuel is absurd.
    It's actually tolerable to stand behind the car.

    And the tweaked idle?
    I've never heard my car lope so hard.

    And low speed driveablility is night and day.
    It's not bucking like a wild bronco or trying to stall when I turn the steering wheel at a stop.
    My gas calculator is a consistent 5-6 bars vs 3-4
    Granted it's the idiot gauge, but 4 bars generally puts me at 23mpg when I fill up and crunch numbers.

    And mind you, we haven't tweaked anything.
    This is the BASE file that he'll tweak.

    So yes, jumping the gun.
    But I'm absolutely blown away and we haven't tweaked anything yet.

    So far, I cannot speak highly enough of his reply time, courtesy, and general business demeanor.

    This is money beyond well spent.
    I can only imagine what an automatic tune would have felt like.

    I'll keep this thread updated as we dial my car in.

    But I have to say yet again, the BASE file is night and day from my other tunes.

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  2. lito

    lito forum member

    Thanks for the trust and happy you can enjoy your car now.
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