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    just bought a 12 v6 and here are my questions

    its a 6 speed manual, first is a whore to get into, it has what i believe is just a hurst knob and arm, but the shifter feels extremely tight, is that normal? i only drove one other 197, but it was a 10' gt.

    my passenger door card leather is loosening, but it looks rough, is there somewhere where i can buy the matching leather to re glue?

    im looking at radio stuff now, i bought the scoche kit and already have a joying android unit. can the front speakers take 5.25? i have non shaker, no sync. pretty basic.

    are there things i should look out for? i checked my vin to make sure no tsb's were needed.
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  3. totaljustice

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    The only question I can answer for you is that the MT-82 in the 12 to 14 was notorious for hard shifting into first and second gear. There was a Ford TSB out for it somewhere you can probably find on the net. The fix was changing the tranny fluid for something different. I ended up putting in Royal Purple Syncromax myself and that solved the issue. I should also mention that the hard shifting usually lessened a lot when the transmission got warm so if you still have problems after everything reaches operating temperature it would probably be something else. Hope that helps.
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