2012 V6 Premium vs 2014 GT susp/brakes

Discussion in '2011+ Ford Mustang V6 3.7L Tech' started by OX1, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. OX1

    OX1 forum member

    Considering buying a 12 premium vert (V6). Never had vert before so figured why not.
    It appears premium came with some upgraded susp stuff, is that right? Would front brakes or sway bars left over from my 14 GT be any better than what would be on that 12?
  2. 13v6

    13v6 Junior Member

    The V6 convertible should be a really nice car. The premium didn't have any upgraded suspension or brakes, that would be on the performance pack. If it has the performance package, swapping the sway bars won't do you any good as that already uses the GT equipment. If not, the GT will be a nice upgrade and yes, it's a direct bolt-on. As for the brakes, I'm not sure if you'll need the GT rotors or just the calipers (I'm thinking you'll need both). If you change the rotors, be sure they'll fit your wheels. They won't fit the stock 17" wheels though. For a lot of parts, you can go to americanmuscle and see if they say it's for a V6, GT or both.
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