500 hp goal, turbo size? Intercooler size? Fab tips?

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by stv_huff, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. stv_huff

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    Hey there

    Just looking for some suggestions.
    The objective is to fab my first turbo kit so I’m trying to keep things as compact as possible and also keep my stock fuel system (Have BAP and gt500 injectors).
    Also any tips from people who have installed kits or fabricated their own would be extremely helpful. Going through all the turbo threads right now but if you know of specific builds please send them my way.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. RED09GT

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    If 500 is your goal, pick something with a 67mm or smaller impeller. Anything bigger will take longer to spool and will just need a bigger wastegate. Don't follow the HP listings on a lot of turbo sites as they are usually showing those power levels at higher boost pressures and will not be efficient at the boost level required to get a 4.6L to that level and the exhaust sides will usually choke a V8. My suggestion would be to use something rated for 700-750 HP to efficiently do 500HP. I'll leave the decision to you as to whether you want Ball Bearing, Journal Bearing, Oil less etc...
    Comp turbo:

    PT6776 (Cheaper but solid option)
    PT6262 CEA
    PT6266 CEA

    Borg Warner:
    S363 SX-E
    S364.5 SX-E


    Lots of others to chose from but this is a good starting point.
  3. stv_huff

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    You rock. Thank you so much for the suggestions!
  4. JeremyH

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    Dont skimp on charge side that's the most common issue I see with "kits". I designed a coldside that could easily support 1000hp so that at 500hp it was ridiculously efficient. The result is more lowend response, ambient iat's and more power per psi. Allowed the setup to make 425rwhp and 445rwtq with a 4lb wastegate spring and 500rwhp at 6-7psi. That's the name of the game for keeping a 500hp sbe setup healthy and happy, efficiency.

    This also allows for a smaller more torquey turbo which is a blast on the street. 60mm range with a .68ar will spool up lightning fast and carry a wide power band.

    3" from turbo to intercooler. A 4" thick core bar and plate front mount and 3.5" pipe from intercooler outlet all the way to tb. Put the maf flange right at the intercooler outlet in that 3.5" pipe. The plates and fins in the core act as air straightener and give you and extremely quiet and clean maf signal. The 3.5" pipe also allows stock maf to easily support 500hp without being close to pegging. Put the bov on the other side between turbo and intercooler.

    For hotside retain OEM cast manifold for strength and exhuast velocity/heat retention. 2" piping from each header. At the merge prior to turbine inlet step up size. For your goal 2.5" is fine. 38mm wastegate after the merge with a sweeping angle as inline with exhuast flow as you can.
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