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    IMHO, it seems some of those reps make far above minimum wage, especially when you look at the Stangs that Rachel and Coal K own who are customer service reps for AM :shrug:
  2. Juice

    Juice forum member

    Reps at one time could buy at cost on fridays.
    Trust me, its an under $20/hr job.
    I cant believe Coal is still there. She has been there for atleast 9 years.
    Oh, I didnt mention the high turnover rate.
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  3. Horsn_Around

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    I bought a set of MBRP axle backs during last year's
    A.M. Black Friday sale.
    According to the web site, there were 2 options, an Installer Series and a Pro Series.
    The installer series was manufactured from standard grade materials while the Pro series utilized polished stainless steel.

    I decided to pay a little more and get the Pro series because I liked the polished stainless steel finish.

    They were shipped and received quickly. I ripped into the box and discovered they weren't polished stainless steel. I placed a call and A.M. asked me to ship them back and it was done.

    Several days later, a different box was waiting at the door, except it wasn't a different box. It was the exact same box! I recognized the tape I used when I closed up the box at the UPS store.

    I called them again and once again they asked me to return the box. It was returned.

    A few days later... another box... a different box... a still wrong contents box arrived. It was sent back.

    This time I got a call from management. They wanted to know what the problem was and I told them. The manager said he would look into it.

    It turned out that MBRP no longer polishes the stainless steel Pro units and hasn't for 5 or 6 years. To this day, the A.M. website still shows the polished finish pictures.[​IMG]
  4. Juice

    Juice forum member

    Experts, knowing the products they sell.
  5. eighty6gt

    eighty6gt forum member

    A magnet would be a good investment just get a feel for the different grades of ss vs. Red metal.
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  6. MrBhp

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    I've had stellar experiences with LMR. They do have cheap stuff available if that is what you are in the market for. I bought the SVE able axle backs a few years ago. They looked nice, they fit, and they sounded good. They also got loud af after 18 months. I got my money's worth.
    Also, as much as really hate to say it, Summit has been great as well. Knowledgeable people who surprise me when they know what I'm asking about. No issues with sending items back. But they were my nemesis back when I had my speed shop.
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  7. Deon Lee

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    I’ve bought 1000’s of $ worth of parts from American muscle and lmr and I’ve never had a problem with either. One time a package from lmr got lost in the mail but that wasn’t their fault and it eventually got found and made its way to my house 2 weeks later
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  8. Joseph

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    CJ Ponyparts seem to be notorious for their out of stock but "in stock" listed items. I only buy there if they are more competitive than others or selling things that nobody else is...such as the finned 2013/14 GT500 finned Ford Performance diff cover that comes with factory hardware (much cheaper than buying bolts individually).
  9. crjackson2134

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    That actually happened to me too. I ordered a catch-can that was listed as in-stock and I paid. Two days later, I was sent an email telling me it would take 4-6 weeks because it’s out of stock. The offered me a refund (which I took) that would take 5-10 days. I was a bit disappointed, but I move on.
  10. Juice

    Juice forum member

    I paid $65 for the finned cover without hardware, and got grade 8 bolts at the local Ace hardware store. The gold ones, @.50c each. The Ford bolts are ridiculously expensive. lol
  11. eighty6gt

    eighty6gt forum member

    Ford bolts > hardware store. I do usually use them.

    Now... McMaster carr j spec stuff, that is another matter.
  12. Mach2burnout

    Mach2burnout 05 Redfire GT

    This is my experience as well. I think a couple of guys had a few problems and got on here and complained very zealously and others just started piling on. I’ve seen it many times on this forum, businesses and individual members. Also, people started complaining about AM about the time that started selling the SR Performance line of parts as an option to the more expensive ones.

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    PNYXPRS Junior Member

    There isn't enough room to respond to the Shit AM has done to me! I've had problems on two large orders. One is a set of wheels that they never told me they were going to discontunue. Center Caps that I never got that were the right size.They were to be chrome and I got two chrome and two black. I'm so tired of trying to tell the Customer Service people what I want I even sent pics. They said I should look outside to see if I could find some. WTF these idiots don't know that they have wheels that are proprietary you are not going to find another Co. that will have some that fit. I ordered a new hood and they said it was shipped but they could'nt find it. I had to call Cervini to find out when I was going to get it. You had to look the hood over so you had to be there when it arrived. I will not purchase from them again. They don't care about you as long as they get your money.
  14. Laga

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    [QUOTE="PNYXPRS, post: 2512388, member: 178880 I ordered a new hood and they said it was shipped but they could'nt find it. I had to call Cervini to find out when I was going to get it. You had to look the hood over so you had to be there when it arrived.[/QUOTE]

    AM does not stock Cervinis hoods. They just sell them and Cervinis ships them. This is how about most vendors work with most items. Especially the expensive ones. The Brisk plugs I ordered from LMR were shipped from Brisk. Same with the Wilwood brakes from Stage3. You could have ordered directly from Cervinis, but then you would have been lied to about the delivery date and experienced the same exact shipping problems. They have had that reputation for years and I personally experienced it.
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  15. Logan541

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    Am never has anything ins stock, I waited about 9 months for an 2014 v6 oil filter then they refunded my money saying they could not get it. Walked into walmart and picked it off the shelf. Waited 3 and 4 months for various other parts. They kept sending me the wrong Shelby brake shield about 5 of them finally sent me a complete set and I just returned all the others. Later we both found out that when you order them individually they only have the right side in stock you must order the set of two to get the left and right. Which was triple the price of the right side alone. You think there CS reps would have known that espically since the page gave you the option to order left and right. Cervinis took 9 months to get a styling bar to me. I must admit though that the rear valance and side skirts arrived right on time. However while the speedster covers arrived on time they were of poor quality air bubbles all over them I told them and they did ship out a new set free of charge.
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