anyone running kelltrac/viking shocks and/or struts ?

Discussion in 'Drag Racing Tech Discussion & Timeslips' started by sportinawoody, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. i ordered the shocks and they will be here monday. wondering if anyone here runs them and has opinions, insight, suggestions
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    When I was taking the car to the strip I had the dbl. adj. Vikings on my car. Kind of drove me crazy trying to get them dialed in. A lot of trial and error and an inconsistent track made this a daunting task at times. I later switched to some simple 50/50 lakewoods in the rear and some 90/10's up front. I have since switched the fronts back to my Bilsteins and continue to run the 50/50 drag shocks in the back for the street. One of my rear Vikings lost the rebound adjustability and I was supposed to send it in for a rebuild but never did.

    They are a great shock though and I just got a set of dbl. adj. Viking coil overs for my 2nd gen F-body build since this is basically a track only car, I wont be switching settings back and forth. Once I get them dialed in they should only need slight adjustments for track conditions. Durability shouldn't be an issue as I think my last failure was due to everyday street abuse. I kinda consider these a racecar only item.


  3. After speaking to kelly, comparing them suggested starting adjustment range from a Viking DA to his spec’d/valved Viking DA is totally different. Got them on but don’t know when I’ll be able to make any hits to start dialing them in
  4. I should also mention, these are valved for a 6r80 car which I am converted to. He also does a valving for th400 cars
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