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    Yes pun intended!

    My mustang story went like this. Summer 2004, that concept is hideous! I’ll wait, fast fwd to November 2004, holy chit that thing is sexy! Ordered a 2005, Sonic Blue deluxe GT. I did things to it, loved it. Didnt take nearly enough pictures. (See attached pictures) Got married, moved did things, wife showed me a stick she pee’d on that had two lines. Figured I’d do the right thing and trade it off for a more kid friendly vehicle. —insert tons of regret—

    Then early 2007 time frame, I was like hmmm... fwd faceing car seat will fit... lets try! Presto it does! So I traded in the dad-mobile (2002 F150 Harley Davidson edition) and got another GT in black now. Again I did things and loved the car, it wassnt Sonic Blue tho!

    Welcome to 2010 and knowing I would again be moving I thought I would do something practical... traded off for a new 1/2 Ton 4wd pickup since I guessed my next base would be north somewhere... this is when we had a 2nd kiddo, and was slowly losing interest in my mustang anyways.

    Fast fwd again to 2020! This one came across facebook and was at the deal across the street from my work! So yes I bought it... 29k miles, Sonic Blue, and a Vortech V2. Should be a good practical car for Montana...




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    nice combo, I had a V2 on a 06, you must be a Steve Rinella fan too?
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    yeah, love the outdoors. Got some old crappy knees but hopefully they get some needed rebuilds so I can do more outside!
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    Awesome score - enjoy that sweet new-to-you ride!
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    Thanks for sharing your story, I can relate, I've always had a thing for the S197 as soon as it came out. All of your cars are beauties! And welcome to the forum!
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    Good story and nice car, congrats and welcome.