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    Hey guys

    I know this type of question has been asked a bunch of times in the past, but looking through old threads I didn't see any reference to this specific wheel. Our service dept has a customer looking to put the 14" Brembos on his 2013 GT with these factory 19x8.5" wheels.

    Has anybody done this before without spacers? Looking at the photo we have of the backside of the wheel to get an idea of the spoke shape, it looks like a maybe. Of course we don't want to bolt fancy new brakes on their car then not be able to reattach the wheels that day. LOL

    Thanks for any help on this.
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    If you don't get an answer the best you could do is try. Unbolt the the caliper/bracket and tie it out of the way. Then bolt on the bare Brembo caliper and fit the wheel. Should take a tech maybe 20 minutes. You'll then know for a fact if there will be any interference. No loose of brake fluid or having to bleed if they won't work.
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    With that spoke design they may fit without a spacer, or just a small one. The wheels with the real fitment problems have straight style spokes, those kick out and then back in, that should give some caliper clearance.
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    According to the Ford brochure for factory optional wheels, this wheel will not fit with the Brembo package or Track Package.

    That's not to say you couldn't space it out. Depends on what the customer wants to do.
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    Yes, either that or take a wheel off the car and lay it flat on the ground then test-fit a rotor and caliper inside.

    Usually the brochures aren't that specific, they will just tell you which items can or can't be ordered with certain packages. So in this case it would mean that once you ordered the Brembo or Track Pkg, you're automatically getting different wheels ... more so because they are wider, not because they don't fit necessarily. These wheels I'm asking about are only 8-1/2" vs. the 9" that the Brembo cars came with. However as we do know of course the basic GT 19" non-Brembo wheels from this era won't clear, but I'm hoping these might.

    Thanks for the input everyone.

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    See Ed, if you had kept yours you could have tried mounting them on your car as a test...

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    Have you guys done this yet?
  8. fast Ed

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    No we did not. We gave the customer the parts & labour quote, but I didn't hear back to order anything ... so they are still undecided, not doing it all, or shopped elsewhere I assume. Will have to ask the service advisor who was dealing with them if they heard any more about it. It would be nice to know for anyone contemplating the same upgrade.
  9. PonyBoy

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    I have a 2010GT. I put Staggered Bullitt Wheels on it. I am looking at putting bigger brakes, but they all seem to say they won't fit with these wheels. So here are my options:
    - Use spacers. Pros & cons are obvious.
    - Someone suggested I get the hub removed from the spokes and have them re-welded to the correct offset. Ugh! cost? Worried about balance and being out of round.

    Help? Thoughts? anyone know of the classic Bullitt wheel brand with the correct offset? I am modding this thing with a real nod to the 1969 style. I want that retro look.
  10. Pentalab

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    I have a 2010 GT auto. 10" chrome bullitt wheels on the fronts...with a 45 mm offset...(and 285-40-18 tires, Nitto-NT-555). Used a small HR 3mm hubcentric spacer. This is with oem 12.4" front brakes. I looked at the various 14" bigger brake kits, and decided for my purposes ( dd street car), to keep the oem calipers. I will dig out my old notes, but a big spacer was required if using either a 9" or 10" wide bullitt style rim used. My old front 9" bullitt rims used a 30mm offset.

    So went to plan B, and installed 2.5" silicone rubber tubes with the cdc brake duct kit. My previously installed cdc front spoiler came with small rectangular brake duct holes, so the brake duct kit came with the 2 x hoses, and new 14" diam dust shields, with the 2.5" metal tube, that the silicone hoses slide over.

    Then installed new power slot rotors, hawk HPS pads, and teflon / SS brake lines, and also ATE brake fluid. Rear brakes also replaced with the new power slot rotors + hawk HPS pads.
    The oem size 12.4" new front rotors work just fine with the new cdc 14" front dust shields.

    It's no big brake kit, but a lot better than the oem brake set up. I will try and dig up what the spacer size required IF using the big brake setup. Part of the issue was, if using the big spacers, that longer front studs were also required. I had also installed steeda HD front strut mounts, which allow for some camber adjustment. I set both fronts to - 1.5 degs of camber. Then the tires are tucked in a bit. With out some camber, and a huge spacer used, they will no doubt stick out too far.
  11. PonyBoy

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    Pentalab - Thanks! Looks like you worked out a nice solution. Please do give me as much info as you have.

    I'm a bit of a scrapper, piecing things together. I have a full set of front and back GT500 caliper take-offs, new stainless steel hoses, new hardware kits, pads and rotors. I also picked up like three different size hub-centric wheel spacers w hardware. Also a Boss 302 cooling kit.

    Although I'm an engineer, I'm not a pro mechanic. So I've been reluctant to attack this on my own knowing I may get all that on the car, then the wheels won't fit. If the spacers will do the trick, that's fine. I kinda like the wider look on the car, as long as it's not a ridiculous stance. I just want to keep these wheels on the car.
  12. Pentalab

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    Which brand of bullitt front wheels are you using ? How wide are they, and what diam..and what offset ? The bigger the offset, the more inboard the wheel / tire will reside. Adding a spacer will effectively DEcrease the offset. Offset is only one issue. The real issue with bullitt wheels is the clearance between the bullitt spokes...and the big calipers. Then you also have to factor how much of a deep dish they are. The bigger the dished in portion, the closer the edges of the spokes are to the calipers. IE: where extreme ends of spokes reside ont he wheel lip. Both my 18 x 9 and also 18 x 10 have a 2.5" dish. My new rear 19 x 10's have a bigger, 3" dish, but the spokes on the newer 19 x 10 rims are also longer, since a 19 is obviously 1" bigger diam than a 18" perhaps a 1/2" longer spoke.

    What sized spacers do you have on hand ? Are they the bolt on type, or the thick plate type? Scroll up to post #2..and also #5. Since you have the GT-500 calipers on hand, their method will probably work, and save you some grief. At least you would know what you are dealing with. Another trick is to stack XXX temp flat washers on each stud..1st. Then you will know exactly how big a spacer is required. You can probably use the oem front studs for this test, even though you will end up with bare min thread engagement, so obviously don't drive on them. Just jack up say the pass front, then use their method to temp install the new GT-500 caliper, then use XXX amount of washers to obtain the required min clearance. Then measure the total thickness of the flat washers used.
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  13. PonyBoy

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    I bought the wheels and Mickey Thompsons from a private seller. So I am not 1000% sure, but pretty damn confident they are these from American Muscle:

    I looked at the site and can't find anywhere where is spells out the offset or any other dimensions. They seem to avoid giving that info, even in the questions portion.

    I'm not at home to measure the spacers. They are basically the ones below with the second set of bolts. I may have one pair that might be less than an inch, one pair at an inch, and one pair is probably 1 1/2" or maybe a little more..

    I do understand what you are saying about the offset plus other considerations. My gut has been that it would be the spokes being the biggest issue as the OEM calipers are damn close as they are. I'll see if I can get a picture for you.

    Thanks sooooo much.
  14. nawagner

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    Heck, if you have all the stuff just bolt on the caliper and give it a shot like groundpounder said. Don't have to hook up the brake hose or anything.

    Also note the rear calipers are the same on all models up to 2014 or 15. it was the rotor that changed sizes.
  15. Pentalab

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    offsets etc, are listed under.."specs" on that am url.... just scroll down a bit.. then once on it, ur have to scroll across.

    The 18x 9" is 30mm offset.
    The 18 x 10" is 45mm offset.

    They only show the 18 x 9 but the url is for the staggered set with tires.
    If u bring up the 18 x 9 and 18 x 10 individually on their site, u will see, under specs, that the 9" is 30mm..and the 10" is 45mm.

    These are the same bullitts I have, except mine are all chrome...and I'm using a 18 x 10 on
    the front and a 19 x 10 on the rear.