Can you guys give this setup a once over

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    So I was at Best Buy and I had them price me out a speaker install.

    What they recommended was this:

    Kicker - CompR 12" dual-voice-coil 2-Ohm loaded subwoofer enclosure
    Kicker Z- series 2-channel amp install kit
    Alpine - 500W class d digital mono amp
    Kicker - CS series 6x8 2-way speakers (x2)
    Metro - speaker wire harness adapter
    Signal processor

    Is this a decent setup? It comes it to 858 w tax.

    What happens to the door subs? They just get disconnected?
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    For reference the Shaker 1000 ran a single sub mounted in the trunk on the passenger side aft of the wheel well. Being a former car stereo nut, I was more than satisfied with the sounds and output of that factory system. An after market 10 or 12 placed in that location should more than suffice (assuming the car isa coupe and not a convertible). It's been a while since i played with car stereo, but I was never a big fan of the Kicker product lines. I learned that quality was worth spending the little extra. I would encourage you to find a JL AUdio dealer and look at their stuff OR contact Crutchfield who is a JL AUdio dealer and have them give you direction. They are a reputable company that has been in business well beforet he internet ever existed. I used to as excited about a Crutchfield catalog arriving in the mail as I did a Victoria Secret Catalog in those days! LOL!

    The Alpine stuff is decent as I recall. My last system was Eclipse, Diamond Audio, and Boston Acoustic. Today everything apparently has gone class D. In my day Class D was used only for Subs and that was a no-no if you were seeking sound quality over SPL. Apparently technology has advanced quite a bit in the Class D amplification world whereas even main speaker amps are mostly class D as I understand it.

    Best of luck.
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    I assume you are providing your own box. Looks fine. I ran those pioneers or a pair equal to them years ago in a 93 Ranger I had and they sounded great. IN fact they sounded better than infinities right next to them at the local stereo store. You should be happy with the package IMHO.

    Kicker had some really killer stuff in their infancy. But that said they were a speaker that were best for hard rock applications. THe pioneers will give you versatility matched up with the JL Audio pair. Enjoy.
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    I posted this somewhere else, seems worth for posting here.

    The package I put in my 2013 GT:

    Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX

    iDatalink Connec KIT-MUS1

    iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR Interface Module

    Infinity Kappa 682.11cf

    Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8

    Rockford Fosgate P2P3G-8

    JL Audio Stealthbox

    Alpine MRV-M250

    SiriusXM SXV300V1 Tuner

    iDatalink Maestro SAT1

    Metra 40-CR10 Antenna Adapter

    It cost some money, almost $1800 after price cuts, bargaining and rebates. It took about a month to find it all shopping deal, steals, Craigslist and eBay. I spent about 15 hrs programing, removing panels and such. Then uninstall the old gear and install the new stuff. The Kappa's in the doors and package shelf. The Rockford Fosgate sub's in the doors. The Stealthbox is in the cubby behind the right rear tire in the trunk. The Stealthbox was the most costly item at $600. The Alpine amp is in the trunk behind a carpet panel, mounted to a pillar on the left side. Short of having a big 7 inch touch display where all the knobs used to be and small red Fosgate emblems on the bottom of the door subs it all looks factory. I gave up a little trunk room, but too much. I stuck with the factory amps to eliminate some of the rewiring woes (RF interference, pulling carpet, seats...). I took my time soldering everything, using water proof shrink tube and putting down some dynamat like stuff while I was in there. I trimmed the door sub boxes a tiny bit (filled them with poly-fil), the package shelf next the seat belt pass through and a couple of plastic clips holding the shelf behind the seat. The GPS antenna went up under the package shelf in the rear. It receives 5 to 7 of the 11 available GPS satellites shown in the configuration screen. I Used the SAT1 adaptor to keep the OEM Satellite radio antenna. The Maestro unit kept all the Sync functions. While bringing many new OBDII features, gages, pressures, temps, throttle positions and such to the big screen. All the controls for environmental, Bluetooth, cell phone, navigation, Carplay, etc. is right on that same screen. I moved from the Dark Side of the Moon to Here comes the Sun and love the way it sounds. Technology ain't it grand!!!
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    Since you used the I data equipment. Does this give you the option to bypass the factory amps? I read one description that said t does?

    As far as thump? Do you want a rattling spl system, or somthing that hits hard and doesnt sound like farting subs. Im sticking to 1 rockford p3 10" in the back. Well powered of course. Custom made sub box that I'm building tuned of course. Glass, carbon fiber, and mdf is cheap.
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