Comparing 3V Blower Cams

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    Boost was 16-17 its starts dropping to15 at about 4300 rpm. I did a vaccum test on the intake side of the supercharger from 4500 up its pulling 2.5# of vaccum. On the dyno they made pulls up to 6500rpm the power drops right around 6,000rpm
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    4.6 3V apparently does not like big lift low vacuum cams. I tried 2 stage 3 cams and was disappointed. Went back to a smaller cam and bam, hit the sweet spot.



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    That first cam card seems huge for a turbo car.

    Kind of funny how they are all over the map with cams and 3v's. Seems like a lot of guess and test.
    My bullet turbo cams are:
    Big lift, mild duration, single pattern is what they came up with for me. I found it to be lazy out of boost. To help with this, I swapped back to 4.10 gears and the car was better, it went faster in the 1/8th mile as well.

    Combo was:
    Borg S369SXE turbo, 0.96ar turbine housing
    9.2 Compression, stock stroke 0.020" over bore
    Cleaned up bowls and unshrouded valves on the cylinder heads
    Powerhouse Turbo kit
    Pump gas
    Stock intake manifold, CMCV deletes.
    TR6060, 3.55 gears, 28" tires

    My guess is that they anticipated there being a lot more exhaust backpressure than there actually was. I measured it and it didn't even reach 1:1 until after 6000 rpms and it never exceeded 18 lbs.

    I didn't dyno the car before I lost a piston and only had 1 street legal night at the 1/8th mile track. Best trap was 104.9 at 4200ft elevation and 16 lbs of boost and an RST clutch that was overheating. That would put it in the neighborhood of 700 hp.
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