Cylinder 6 Misfire 09 4.6L 3V

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Speed_197, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Speed_197

    Speed_197 Junior Member

    I got a Cylinder 6 misfire engine code, so I thought it was my spark plugs that needed to be changed. I just now swapped out the old OEM plugs for brand new Bosch Double Iridium plugs. I start the car now and I’m still getting a cylinder 6 misfire but now I’m also getting System too lean in both banks. I swap cylinder 7’s and 6’s coil packs to see if that was the issue but I’m still getting the same engine codes. Anyone have an idea what it can be? I’m thinking it could possibly be a fuel injector...
  2. GlassTop09

    GlassTop09 Member

    You could also swap #6's injector w\ another cylinder's injector that's firing & see if the misfire follows the injector.......unless you have or know someone who has a scope........

    Also if\when you do pull #6 injector check the fuel screen in the top of it for any trash restricting flow before sticking it somewhere else.
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  3. Speed_197

    Speed_197 Junior Member

    Thanks, I’ll try this out. I’m hoping this’ll fix the problem.
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