Extreme 2008 GT500 build By Pro Edge Tuning Bill Miller

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    Let me start with I went to Bill Miller at Pro Edge Tuning back in September 2014 after hearing from some friends he is the TVS Man. I called him about 3 weeks prior and spoke with him for the first time about my car and how important it is to me. I than scheduled an appointment so It was all set. My car was at another shop getting some bolt on's done. I couldn't get the car to idle correctly and was on the phone with Bill at least 6 or 7 times he sent me 4 or 5 different tunes to finally get it running smooth enough to get it to him. So I drove the car to Pro Edge Tuning and put it on the dyno to dial it in. Without making any power pulls and still having some idle issues and we found some vacuum leaks and then we decided to pull the SC and found the lower manifold was cover in oil, needless to say and by no means anything what Pro edge Tuning did we came to the conclusion that there was a deeper issue at hand. I left the car and got a phone call 3 days later It was bad news, the rings were bad and block was Cracked.
    Ok now to the Saviors Bill Miller and Don Wood from R.A.D. Engines come into play.
    We did a full engine build, Customs pistons, Rods, Fully ported heads, Huge Cams I requested the old school muscle sound (numbers never disclosed lol) Ported 2.3 TVS Ported Elbow no penny spared. So being the winter time and I was in no rush and there were cars ahead of me the engine removal and build started October 2014. Fast track to April 2015 build all done and an amazing job by all parties Don Wood, Bill Miller, and his mad scientist Ryan, Jay (Smurfinator), BPS, and special help from Jimmy...............
    Pro Edge Tuning Bill Miller are 2nd to none in their tuning, custom builds, customer service, attention to detail and professionalism. I have been to a number of the top shop out there and never and I mean never have I ever been treated with so much respect and kept in the loop of all progress. My "Street" Car made a killer 767 rwhp and 717 rwtq on 93 pump gas on a Mustang Dyno …oh wait the best part on 17 Degrees of timing and 17 lbs of boost. What a car.! It is a beast.!
    The Best is yet to come, a little timing, a little boost a little race gas and LOOK OUT!
    Bill Miller
    Pro Edge Tuning
    34 Fulton St.
    New Haven Ct 06513
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    Glad she is running right for you!
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    Geez that's a sweet ass ride! I'm jelly!
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    Wish I had the dough to shell out for something like that :p
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    Although, that is running the ragged edge of 93 all the way. I would be adding Torco to every tank.
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    Bill and Jay are THE best on this. Congrats!