Hood Paint Repair Ideas

Discussion in 'Keeping it Clean' started by Vandal, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Vandal

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    What have people done to deal with the hood paint bubbling? I'm too broke to do a new hood or a full repaint, but before I just sand it and primer and just throw a bra to cover up the repair, I'm curious if someone has found a different paint or done pinstriping or something else to cover that spot.
  2. MasterofDisaster

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    I had that on the underside of the hood. I just sanded, primed, painted, and it's been ok for years. I didn't clear coat it, so it doesn't look great, but at least the paint isn't bubbled, and you only see it when the hood is open.
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  3. Dad

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    Heck if you do good prep you can put on Rustoleum and it looks fine.
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  4. Racer47

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    The hood is aluminum not steel.

    One option is some kind of vinyl stripe.

    You could also go to a smaller body shop and ask them what they could do for $100 or $200 or whatever you're willing to spend.
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  5. Vandal

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    Metallic? Or just do a semi gloss that matches?