hunk of shit JBA header parts

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  1. eighty6gt

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    jba headers correct.jpg
    what I should have got - with no instructions whatsoever, but those are lap joint clamps so I guess they go over the expanded end and over the header collector. :)

    Here's what showed up:


    They must have started the cerveza's pretty early on the friday they made these.

    Bring back american manufacturing! I could have paid $600 for this midpipe instead of 148, and it would have been made correctly. .....

    That said, the headers are super nice, they are obviously made by the JBA "A-team." Unless they hit the steering shaft like the last chinese ones I bought. (china-mexico-usa would be the part buying order)... if they do I am selling these headers locally for $5 and parting out the entire car, buying that NC Miata I was thinking about, leaving it stock, then trading up to a new GT500 after everyone is finished jumping the dummy.*

    *I used to work doing tech drawings and fire plans for a hog farm operation, they had this dummy that they put pheromones or sow's urine or ??? on so that the male pigs would jump on it and get super excited, then it was someone's job to uh.... gratify the pigs into an insulated mug. There was a door at the side of the room that they would pass the pig juice thru, which would then be used to inseminate 100's of sows. The male pigs would get _super_ excited when put in the pen with the dummy, foaming at the mouth and making noises, just like youtubers, instagram influencers and lumbago afflicted baby boomers are doing right now at the sight of the 2020 GT500. Wads of cash will be flying for some time.
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    I really enjoy "building" my car. But, when I think I'm about done and will look to take up golf or something, it's when crap like this happens. It is very seldom that any mod goes right the first time. It always takes a couple tries and, many times, it's a downright fight.
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  3. ghunt81

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    Both ends of your midpipe were like that? I have 2 separate JBA shorty H pipes (one catted that I bought used, one off road that I bought new) and neither one was like that.

    I've had 2 sets of JBA's in my car (one ceramic coated and one 304SS), they go in great and fit great but I have noticed on both sets that the collector alignment can leave a bit to be desired. First set was pretty bad and one of the collectors was larger than the other (I had to notch 2.5 ID pipe to fit and force it on), 304SS set is better but still not perfect.
  4. eighty6gt

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    front end of each leg should have a swelled portion, but one is insufficiently enlarged and the other one has nothing. That is good info on the collector dia, I will get a caliper on there to check each...

    I'm hoping to just get summit to comp me for my time/aggravation and get them expanded at the exhaust shop. JBA shouldn't be making $$ on these.
  5. 06JET

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    For about $20 at Harbor Freight you can buy your own expander and do it yourself.
  6. ghunt81

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    It's weird that they look to be welded on like that as off road H is not like that. I had it on the car for a little while, it fit fine.
  7. eighty6gt

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    I dont think those cheap expanders work... ymmv

    They must have screwed the expanded portions up and were reworking the pipe, and forgot to finish. Summit is offering me money, it's about $10 to get an expansion done at the muffler place by my house.
  8. oldVOR

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    The pipe may end up cracking at the welds since it's close to the area where the pipe needs to be expanded.

    I'd ask for another set to be shipped out.
  9. ghunt81

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    True- plus, isn't the non-expanded welded on piece shorter than the expanded one? Might see about getting that exchanged instead of trying to polish a turd.
  10. justin73

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    No problems out of my jba headers and h pipe. Fit fine on my 08 gt. Sorry for the bad luck.

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  11. eighty6gt

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    If it cracks I will get summit to send me some 3" pipe and some V bands. :| My team of welders will repair it.

    The part that appears shorter is actually the correct length - they made more of a cut on the side with the long piece spliced in.

    I will get it to work, I don't want to ship more big boxes of crap all over creation.